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One more Outrage from Israel's Supreme Court

1. The latest judicial atrocity from the Israeli Supreme Court:

Israel's Supreme Court continues its battle against democracy and
freedom of speech. To be more precise, it defends defamation as
"protected speech" whenever the defamatory comments are made by
radical Leftists or by pro-terror Arab nationalists, while labeling
exercise of freedom of speech by non-leftists as defamation.

In the latest twist, the Supreme Court has ruled that a vile
anti-Semitic propaganda film by Arab propagandist Mohammed Bakri is
"not defamatory." The film "Jenin Jenin" invented lies about Israeli
soldiers supposedly massacring innocent Arabs in the battle, and that
according to the "Palestinians," almost all of them terrorists, while
Israel lost 23 men.) A group of Israeli soldiers involved in the
battle sued Bakri for libeling them. For a while the Israeli film
board banned the film altogether, but then the tenured Left decided to
start screening it on campus as part of the academic jihad, and the
ban was dropped.

The film is a tissue of lies, some of which have been documented here: Bakri has denounced
Israeli soldiers as murderous "drooling dogs," but of course has never
been indicted under the Israeli law against insulting public servants
(see,7340,L-4038674,00.html). He
also calls them Nazis. So guess whom the Court has NOT convicted of
the offense of using Holocaust-era rhetoric in political discourse!!

The Supreme Court just issued its ruling that Bakri is NOT guilty of
defamation. The ruling was written by the leftist judge Yoram
Danziger, who used to be on the board of the radical Far-Leftist NGO
misnamed "Association for Civil Rights in Israel." The ACRI is also
opposed to freedom of speech for non-leftists.

SO let us see if we have this straight. Bakri calls Israeli soldiers
Nazis and murderous dogs, and that is protected speech. But
criticizing the illegal pro-terror public political behavior of Neve
Gordon and referring to his group of friends serving as human shields
for murderers as a group of "Judenrat wannabe" is not only defamation
but is a violation of the (non-existent except in the minds of the
judges) Israeli prohibition against using "Holocaust era rhetoric in
political discourse." And the Court gave Gordon an award of 2500 NIS
on top of that.

The bottom line is clear. Israel's Supreme Court continues to issue
partisan politicized leftist "rulings." It defends freedom of speech
for Israel-hating Arab fanatics and radical anti-Israel Jewish
leftists, but not for anyone else. My guess is that at least half and
maybe 2/3 of Israel's current Supreme Court judges identify with the
5% of Israeli public opinion that is furthest to the Left.

Accepting Arab slander

Op-ed: In name of freedom of expression, Israel fails to punish
creator of Arab 'documentary'
Yoaz Hendel,7340,L-4041127,00.html

The word "lie" in Arabic is associated with a prevalent way of life in
the Middle East. As not to be confused here, it's important to clarify
that we are not dealing with minor untruths, but rather, provocative,
blatant and insistent lies.
Earlier this week, the Supreme Court held a hearing on the lie
produced by Mohammed Bakri in the film Jenin, Jenin. One of the
prominent scenes in the movie shows IDF soldiers forcing Palestinian
detainees to lie down on the ground with their hands tied behind their
backs; a tank approaches, and a frightened voice in the backdrop
announces that the tank is running over the people.

The scene ends with bodies on a stretcher. Later on we are treated to
interviews with residents who describe soldiers shooting the elderly,
women and babies. The story is accompanied with music and images of
the ruins.

Bakri explains that these are his artistic tendencies – intermixing
scenes, voices and images and editing one-sidedly; lying in order to
"tell" the story of what happened in IDF Operation Defensive Shield.
Had this been a case of fulfilling his personal fantasy – Jews in the
role of Nazis and Palestinians in the role of sacrificial lambs –it
would have been annoying and prompt a different kind of discussion.
However, Bakri seemingly produced a documentary. Under the guise of
art and with a budget that came from unclear sources he sinned, lied,
and mostly slandered everyone who fought and was killed in Jenin.
Legal system stuttering
A libel suit was a called-for step. With the support of the bereaved
families, the soldiers turned to the court, which ruled that Bakri
lied and did not act in good faith. However, this wasn't enough. In
the name of freedom of expression and fears of entanglement, the
judges refrained from punishing the film's producer and the affair
dragged on through appeals.

One could have expected the State of Israel, which sent its troops to
fight in Jenin, to offer automatic support in battling the slanderer.
However, that is not the case. For eight years now, this battle is
being managed by citizens who are financing from their own money the
fight against the stain on their reputation during their reserve

The State only joined the lawsuit from the sidelines, the legal system
is stuttering, and if this isn't enough, some people around here are
displaying lovely solidarity with Bakri and his artistic lies; a long
list of TV producers, actors, theaters, and of course Arab Knesset
members who miss no opportunity to do the wrong thing for their

Yet Bakri was right about one thing this week. We are all "drooling
dogs." In the name of freedom of expression we nurture
de-legitimization and lies.

For more on Israel's Supreme Cult, see


2. In the post-survivalist Israel of Bibi Netanyahu: it is now
official! Thou shalt not sing (on the Temple Mount, unless you are a

Women Who Sang on Temple Mount Barred by Police

The rules on the Temple Mount are unique. Jews may not pray; Muslims
play soccer. Police bar a group of women who allegedly broke the
Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu
The rules on the Temple Mount are unique for Jews: No singing, no
prayer books and certainly not a Torah scroll, but Muslim can play
soccer outside their holy mosques while Arab workers remove dirt
containing archeological proof of the destroyed Jewish Temples.
Police have barred a group of women who allegedly broke the rules and sang.
The police restriction applies to the "Women's Forum, for the Temple
Mount," who four times in the past several months have been granted
permission to ascend the holy site, where Israel has surrendered
religious authority to the Muslin "Waqf."
Police refused a request from them to visit the Temple Mount next
Wednesday, during the nine days of mourning leading up to the Ninth of
Av, the Hebrew date when the First and Second Temples were destroyed.
Police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld told Arutz Sheva that at least one
of the women sang on the Tempe Mount during the last visit and
continued to do as after being warned. Temple Mount activist Yehuda
Glick replied that she stopped immediately ad was not evicted.
"The police are making excuses," he charged. Rosenfeld said the
request to visit the site still is being re-studied.
The spokesman also noted that a man who took out a small Torah scroll
n the Temple Mount also was expelled and invesigated. Glick said that
the man was not part of groups who regularly visit.
Glick also has been barred by the police, who said that no permission
is given to anyone who violates government and High Court decisions
against blatant Jewish activity that could cause a provocation among

3. Uncle Sam funs terrorism:

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