Monday, July 18, 2011

Political Corruption in Hiring Faculty at Ben Gurion University

Benny Morris, the one time Post-Zionist pseudo-historian, and today a
sometimes Zionist, has decided to reveal the true circumstances of his
being hired at Ben Gurion University, despite having an academic track
record at the time consisting of a few Bash-Israel books in
anti-Israel historic revisionism:

'I was among those fired by The Jerusalem Post in 1990-91, after the
right-wing Conrad Black-Hollinger takeover of the newspaper, and I was
unemployed between 1991 and 1997. No Israeli university would hire me
(as would no Jewish studies department I applied to in the US),
despite having published a fistful of books by 1993 (three of them
with Cambridge University Press or Oxford University Press; all were
well-received). Absurdly, Karsh asserts that this is a "patent
fabrication." In fact, I was given a job (at Ben-Gurion University)
only in 1997, and only after the intercession of Israel's (far-leftist
at the time -- SP) president, Ezer Weizman, years before my allegedly
specious "conversion" to pro-Zionism that Karsh says occurred in or
after 2000.'

So when the president of Ben Gurion University, the cabbagehead Rivka
Carmi, insists that hiring at Ben Gurion University is completely
depoliticized and political ideology plays no role in hiring, we would
like to hear her explain away the hiring of Benny Morris, which – by
his own insistence – took place simply because of the ideological and
political intervention of Ezer Weizmann.

(This is the same Ezer Weizmann who began in Likud before shifting to
the Left, and was forced to resign the Israeli presidency in 2000,
after getting Morris set up, because of "dirty" financial transactions
and connections.)

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