Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The pro-Hamas Terrorist "Rabbi"

1. The Knesset indeed passed the "sanctions against boycotters" bill
last night by a comfortable majority. In spite of the shrieks and
wails of the moonbatocracy. It was opposed by almost all of the
Israeli media, including the Jerusalem Post, which continues its march
to the left: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/10400

The bill establishes various kinds of sanctions against groups calling
for boycotts and economic aggression against Israel, such as loss of
tax exemption status and also the right to compete in governmental
tenders for contracts.

First, a correction to my earlier posting on this Knesset bill against
those organizing boycotts of Israel and of parts of Israel. I said in
my earlier posting that the bill would "criminalize" organizing such
boycotts, including against Ariel University or against settlers.
That is not quite the case. It does not make organizing boycotts
something that would be adjudicated in Israeli criminal court. Rather
it creates "legal standing" for those injured by such boycotts, so
that they will have the right to go to court to sue the boycott
organizers. This is far less problematic from a civil liberties
point of view than criminalizing the boycotters. It means that
enterprises operating in the West Bank could sue those leftist groups
promoting boycotts for compensation for damages caused to them. As
one example, the AHAVA cosmetics firm has been targeted by the boycott
Hitlerjugend, who claim they take minerals from the West Bank,
although I think they are counting the Dead Sea, much of it in
pre-1967 Israel, as the West Bank. All in all, the bill is a major
blow against Israel's treasonous Left. The Israeli Left is chanting
in unison the mantra that Israelis are allowed to boycott cottage
cheese but not West Bank enterprises. Well, they are boycotting
cottage cheese because they think its price too high, and they are
welcome to boycott AHAVA cosmetics for the same reason. The problem
is that they are seeking to demolish any Israeli business that so much
as hires a single settler to do work for it, and their economic
aggression is based on political radicalism, not consumerism.

Having noted that, I still am a little uneasy with the bill. I have
no doubt that Israel's dual justice system will never actually result
in Peace Now, Meretz, and other leftist groups being sued and found
liable for damages to West Bank Jewish enterprises. (Actually, the
Supreme Court could well overturn the new law, especially if the
ruling is assigned to Supreme Court leftist "judicial activist"
judges.) The law is far more likely to be used by critters like Ben
Gurion University and Tel Aviv University, as an excuse to sue their
critics for being "responsible" for the losses in foreign donations
and contributions to those institutions. It could also be used to sue
religious groups that advocate that people shop only in stores shut
for the Sabbath. In other words, it is likely to be used as a tactic
to silence and harass those who expose tenured treason in Israel or
who are Orthodox..

2. A J Street "Rabbi" Cheers on the Hamas, calls for more rocket attacks


SUNDAY, JULY 10, 2011
A J Street "rabbi" endorses Hamas bombarding of Sderot
David Mivasair of Vancouver, who calls himself a rabbi but is also
listed as Chaplain of the First United Church of Vancouver, is a
member of the "rabbinic cabinet" of the Soros-financed pressure group
J Street.

Here he is on a street corner in Vancouver, explaining why he supports
the Hamas bombardments of Israeli civilians at Sderot.
Want to tell the terrorist "rabbi" what you think? His email is
Want to ask his congregations (he also serves as the pseudo-rabbi at
some "Renewal" pseudo-synagogue in Seattle – Renewal means Arthur
Waskow's prodigies) why they are employing a terrorist as a
Here are contacts: http://ahavat-olam.ca/contact/
And http://eitzor.org/contact/contact.html

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