Friday, October 28, 2011

Ben Gurion University in the News

'Ben Gurion a Greenhouse for Radical Left'

Zionist groups welcome decision to investigate professor for
incitement, call on universities to act.
Maayana Miskin
Zionist groups expressed satisfaction Friday over the decision to
investigate Professor Eyal Nir for incitement. Nir called on the
public to attack Zionist youth dancing in the streets on Jerusalem day
and "break their elbows."

The Land of Israel Legal Forum said the decision was a good one, but
questioned why prosecutors had waited several months to look into
Nir's statements. If a right-wing professor had called to attack
leftist demonstrators, it would have taken the Justice Ministry just
days to decide to open an investigation, Forum activists said.

"The wheels of justice turn slowly and with astonishing selectivity,"
said forum head Nachi Eyal.

The Im Tirzu student group warned that Nir is not alone. "Ben Gurion
University has been a greenhouse for the extreme left for some time,"
activists said, mentioning notoriously anti-Zionist professors Niv
Gordon and Oren Yiftahel among others.

The university has the responsibility to act immediately against
professors who use their publicly-funded positions to spread
extreme-left incitement, the group said. "A lecturer must not continue
to work in the university while inciting to murder."

MK Ofir Akunis (Likud) said the decision was a sign of a welcome
turn-around. "For years, the issue of leftist incitement against the
right has been ignored," he said. "It must be handled with the full
force of the law."

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