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Pino Jihada


Pino Jihada

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For those of us old enough to be AARP members, the name "Kent State"
conjures up memories of the killings of 4 Kent State students on May
4, 1970 in an over-reaction by Ohio State Guardsmen positioned on the
campus during anti-war protests.

This past week Kent State gained a new basis for international
notoriety and for a different sort of death, this time of academic
standards and decency. Kent State is home to one of the worst tenured
jihadists and pseudo-academic barbarians on the planet.

Julio Pino is a tenured pseudo-academic, teaching Latin American
history at Kent State. He was born in Cuba in 1960 and is a proud
Fidelista, although he seems to prefer the option of having three
square meals to eat in the heartland of American capitalism to living
in the workers' paradise. In 2000 he converted to Islam and adopted
the new name, Assad Jibril Pino. Since then he has been a
professional anti-Semite and rabble rouser against Israel. He
routinely denounces Israel for perpetuating "genocide" and Nazi-like
crimes. (He evidently has never found any crimes in Cuba committed by
the communists there, nor any human rights abuses of Muslims in Muslim
regimes.) He proudly admits to being a full-time indoctrinator of
his students at Kent State. He has referred to his students at Kent
State as his "little jihadists" and his "beloved Taliban." He insists
that the United States is "rapidly descending toward Christian
fascism, we need more Ward Churchills." In September 2000, Pino
declared a fatwa on the moderator of the "Marxism List," proclaiming
that those who dared to disagree with him were "hereby sentenced to
death." He routinely celebrates mass murderers and suicide bombers,
including the al-Qaeda terrorists who attacked the US on 9-11. The
Kent State student paper has had some biting satire to say about all

Pino was in the news this past week for academic barbarism. An
Israeli diplomat was speaking at Kent State and Pino jumped up and
interrupted the talk by screaming "Death to Israel." Pino was upset
when the diplomat noted that that Israel had offered humanitarian aid
to Turkey, despite Turkey's recent behavior, and Pino insisted the aid
was really just profits from murdering Arab babies.

But there was more to this, in fact there was ultimate irony in it.
The diplomat speaking at Kent State attacked by Pino was an Israeli
Arab Bedouin and a Muslim. He is Ishmael Khaldi, an adviser to
Israel's Foreign Minister. So any whining from the tenured
Islamofascist Pino about Israel supposedly being an "apartheid regime"
was being debunked before the eyes of the Kent State students in the
very person who was being harassed by Pino.

The president of Kent State University, Lester A. Lefton, denounced
Pino for his behavior, but – as expected – refuses to do anything
about it nor to take disciplinary action against Pino. Lefton himself
is Jewish. But the very fact that Pino was granted tenured and still
holds a position at Kent State shows that academic standards have been
trashed at that university. He continues to use his university
position as a launching pad for the jihad against America and Israel.
It remains to be seen whether the Ohio governor and the Board of
Trustees at Kent State will have the courage to do something about
Pino. And we sure would like to hear why the FBI has never done
anything about the Pino problem.

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Article printed from FrontPage Magazine:

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2. Yesterday I posted the incorrect name of the Rector at Tel Aviv
University (I posted the previous one). SO those outraged by
terrorist cheerleader Anat Matar, please take a moment and write to
the new Rector, the correct contact being:

Rector: Prof. Aron Shai
E-mail address:
Tel Aviv University

P.O. Box 39040

Tel Aviv 69978


(apologies for posted wrong information)

3. While there has been debate since the "deal" in Israel and
abroad about what the consequences of it may bring in the future, as I
am writing this - the future is already here and we have a definitive
partial answer. Southern Israel was this week blitzed with dozens of
state-of-the-art rockets fired by the Hamas into Jewish civilian areas
of the Negev. To make things clear, the targeted areas are inside
Israel's pre-1967 borders and so are hardly "occupied territory."
The rockets have killed, and one Israeli school building suffered a
direct hit.

I think it is abundantly clear that the rocket barrage is a direct
consequence of the "prisoner exchange deal." The Hamas had been
relatively quiet in recent months in the anticipation that some deal
would be struck for Shalit and that it would gain a windfall political
profit from hundreds of its murderers being released from Israeli
prison. Once the deal was completed, however, the Hamas had no reason
for restraint. So any doubts anyone had about how the "deal" would
affect terrorism were blown to smithereens by Hamas rockets in the
Israeli south this week.

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