Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Ongoing Saga of Israeli Apartheid

Short Headlines in the Ongoing Saga of Israeli Apartheid

1. Abu Dawud was the guerilla pseudonym of Muhammed Dahud Udeh, the
uber-terrorhoid who planned and organized the 1972 massacre of Israeli
athletes at the Munich Olympics. He died last year, much too late and
much too easily. His widow is still alive and waddling. She was
allowed by Israel this past week, a bit foolishly, to enter the
country from Syria in order to attend a funeral. She fainted after
the funeral and was hospitalized in Ramallah by the "Palestinians."
Before her medical team had a chance to kill her with their
incompetence, she asked to be treated in Tel Aviv at the city's
fanciest private hospital, Assuta. Israel agreed and she was. You
and I are shouldering her costs.

2. This week three Jewish teenagers were arrested on suspicion of
having attacked Arab teenagers and yelling at them "Arabs, get out."
The police wanted them remanded and charged with racism, even though
the mother of one of the Arabs who claims he was attacked insists that
the background to the quarrel was not ethnic but just teenage
hooliganism. When they were brought before the judge, he assigned to
the Jewish teenagers the public defenders who were on duty that day.
They were Arab lawyers. They defended the Jewish teenagers and in
fact got them released. When asked how they felt about having
successfully released Jewish teenagers accused of attacking Arab
teenagers, the public defenders said Just Fine. (Story in Yediot
Ahronot today.) So as you can see, Israeli apartheid is all alive and

3. You may recall that hundreds of Israel's tenured leftists signed
petitions and organized caravans of solidarity to a small Galilee
mosque that was vandalized a few months back, apparently by Jewish
vandals. Well, today's headline is
Police Silent on Synagogue Fire in Ramle
A member of Ramle's Jewish community say police are trying to hide the
rise of attacks on Jews in the city after a synagogue is "Torched"

Quick, guess how many of those same tenured leftists who signed the
earlier petition or who made pilgrimages to the village in the Galilee
with the vandalized mosque have signed petitions or spoken out about
this new incident!

While you are computing your answer, here is a followup question:

Baaa Baaa Tenured Sheep, have you any wool?
Yassir, Yassir, two bags full.
One for the mosque, sir, and one for the church,
But none for the little shul that burned down the lane.

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