Monday, December 19, 2011

Send condolences!

1. Send some condolences!

Isracampus Invites you to send Condolences

As you no doubt have heard, Kim Jong II, the goosestepping Stalinist
brat who had been running the North Korean gulag in recent years, just
croaked. Isracampus would like to invite you to send an e-note of
condolence to Noam Chomsky; his email address is
Then, please send similar letters of condolence to Israel's own
leading hardcore communists and Stalinists. These include TAU
"historian" Shlomo Sand:; his sidekicks Gadi
Algazi at and Yoav Peled at;
Oded Lowenheim, who teaches international relations at the Hebrew
University, at; Jacob Katriel, retired
Technion Stalinist, at; Eyal Nir from
Ben Gurion University, an active communist party member, at; Ofer Cassif, central committee member, at; and Yuri Pines from the Hebrew University, at (if you do not think he is a Stalinist, se his
web page at

PS. As you know, the suffix to web addresses for Israel always end in
.IL. Well, it occurred to me that there are so many communists at
Tel Aviv University that perhaps it should use as its web address

2. Many on the American Right are pouring out tears at the passing of
Christopher Hitchens. I am one who thinks he was an evil little
bigot. A long-time far-leftist he moved well to the right on many
things. But at the same time he developed from a radical atheist into
a gutter hater of Judaism and Jews, a hater of Israel, and even a
chummy associate of Holocaust Deniers. (There is some debate as to
whether he himself was one.) You can see more about him here:

See also

3. Israel's worst academic bimbo:

4. Another great scholar from Tel Aviv University:

And yet another one:

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