Saturday, January 07, 2012

Only with Jews

This is not a political item and is not related to current events.
But every once in a while there is a human interest story that can
only be about Jews and just leaves you in awe at the Jewish
experience, a story so incredible it can only be true.

Yakov Jacobson was a completely assimilated Jew in the US. From his
name he is probably a recent immigrant from the ex-Soviet Union. He
was working in a shopping mall as the mall Santa, dressed up in
complete Santa uniform. A couple of Jews wandered in, evidently from
Chabad, and were chatting with him. Hearing his name, they realized
he was Jewish. They asked him if he would like to put on tefillin.
Tefillin, he asked, what's that? So they explained it to him.

And so, dressed in his Santa suit, for the very first time in his
life, Yakov put on tefillin. You can see the picture of him doing so

According to the israpreneur web site, this is a true story.

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