Friday, January 27, 2012

Yet another Israeli Academic Leftist Calling for the Murder of Jews

Allow us to introduce you to one Zvi Elhyani, who is on the teaching
staff at the Bezalel Arts and Crafts College. He is one of the
architects for jihad who are active in Israel in promoting the
Palestinian agenda.

Elhyani is in the news this week for calling for the murder of West
Bank "settlers." He was outted (in Hebrew) at this web page:
The call to murder settlers appeared on his personal facebook page.
He has also been active in the radical anti-Israel NGO calling itself
"Zochrot" (
), whose main goal is to see all Jewish names of towns and sites in
Israel erased and replaced by Arab names. Can you guess who funds
Zochrot? He is one of those anti-Israel extremists who signed a call
for the international community to suppress Israeli sovereignty and
prevent Israel from using force to defend itself against terrorism:

Want to ask Israel's Attorney General why Elhyani is not locked away
behind bars for calling for murder? Write to him via Fax
972-2-6467001. Send a copy to Yaakov Neaman, Minister of Justice, at . You can also use this form letter to submit
electronically although the headings are in Hebrew:
Mail address is: Attorney General of Israel, Ministry of Justice, 29
Salah a-Din Street, Jerusalem, 91010

Want to ask the heads of Betzalel why someone who is issuing calls
for murder is on their faculty? Write to these people:
Bezalel Arts College
Prof. Arnon Zuckerman
Mount Scopus Campus
Mount Scopus P.O.Box 24046
Jerusalem 91240
Telephone: 02-5893333
Fax: 02- 5823094
Contact Info:
Friends Offices: The Friends Organizations
Ms. Amira Ben-Dor
Chairwoman of the Jerusalem Friends of Bezalel
Ms. Jennifer Roth
President of the Friends of Bezalel New York
Friends of Bezalel Academy
of Arts and Design, Inc.
501 Fifth Avenue, New York,
NY 10017

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