Friday, February 24, 2012

Haaretz takes a Brave Moral Stand

Haaretz is undergoing a facelift. It has canned a lot of its
writers because evidently it is facing serious financial crunch
(Huzzaaahh!!). Its own journalists union is on strike. It cut out
one of the sections of the paper altogether, cutting out most of its
investigative reporting and features, although retaining all its
treasonous Op-Eds and editorials.

And this weekend in its weekend magazine (which still exists) it has
a long piece "exposing" the Institute for Zionist Strategies. This
follows its early "expose" o fthe funding of NGO Monitor. In both
cases, the "scoop" is that the group accepts some donations from

The Institute is an important Zionist think tank that Haaretz
despises because the Institute is not seeking Israel's destruction,
like most Haaretz writers are. The long "expose" reveals that the
Institute gets some donations. The donors are all pro-Israel people
or organizations. Haaretz has never thought it was of interest to
report the identities of all the anti-Israel people and groups who
prop up the NGO's of Israel's radical Left. Anti-Israel donations are
fine and do not require exposure. You can see the article here:
I find its reporting that Zionist think tanks are able to raise
donations very encouraging.

But the most delicious part of this "scoop" is who wrote it.

It is Uri Blau, waiting to face trial for anti-Israel espionage in the
Anat Kamm affair, in which a leftist woman soldier and Tel Aviv
University student stole large amounts of classified documents from
the army and passed them on to Blau for leaking.

That is right! The Haaretz writer chosen to "out" the Institute for
Zionist Strategies for accepting donations from overseas because that
is of questionable ethical rectitude is himself one of the worst
anti-Israel spies in history.

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