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Oh Captain, My Captain

Oh Captain My Captain!

A few months ago we reported on the outrage perpetrated by a team
of leftist judicial activists on Israel's Supreme Court bench in the
matter of Mustafa Dirani (or Durani). The terrorist Dirani had been
held in Israeli prison after he had been grabbed/kidnapped in Lebanon
by Israeli forces. He is believed to be the terrorist who kidnapped
Israeli navigator Ron Arad and who then "sold" Arad to the Iranians.
Arad was never heard from again after that. In an anti-terror
operation, Dirani was grabbed by Israeli forces in 1994 and held as a
bargaining chip. Later in what could arguably be regarded as the most
disgraceful decision in Israeli history, the Israeli government
released Dirani as part of a wholesale release of terrorists to buy
back the corpses of three Israeli soldiers who had been murdered by
the Hezb'Allah, plus one live drug smuggler being held in Lebanon but
who had oodles of political ties to Israel's politicians (because the
drug smuggler had once been a colonel in the military). It was one of
the last foolish decisions by Ariel Sharon before he went into a
permanent vegetative coma. After his release, the terrorist Dirani
rejoined the Hezb'Allah and became the greatest figure of celebration
in the Arab world.

Some time after he was back with his Hezb'Allah terrorist friends,
Dirani started claiming he had been "tortured" while in Israeli
captivity. While I can hardly think of anyone in the world MORE
deserving of being tortured, I just assumed that it was a fabrication
by Dirani to cover his tuchis once his Hezb'Allah friends found that
he had spilt his guts to his interrogators about some things. Dirani
invented a story and claimed that he had been sexually "tortured" by
an Israeli interrogator calling himself "Captain George," and this
George supposedly introduced Dirani to the joys of anal sex, including
by inserting a billy club in Dirani's posterior. Having undergone
more than one prostate biopsy (I will not go into further detail how
it is done or you will not sleep tonight), I can personally attest
that having this done to you can be somewhat unpleasant, although I
don't believe a word of Dirani and his lawyers. Dirani also claims he
was interrogated while stripped down to his skivvies or naked. Well,
when I have spent time in hospitals I have also been interrogated
while not wearing underwear. Don't worry, I will not email you a

The "evidence" that Dirani was sexually abused by "George" is that
Dirani says so. Dirani hired some Israeli lawyers and tried to file
"suit for damages" in Israel against the state for his supposedly
being "tortured." Now Israel, like most countries, has a rule that
enemy citizens of enemy countries or enemy forces are barred from
filing suits for damages against the country, and in the first round a
Tel Aviv judge tossed it out. (A military lawyer had recommended that
charges be brought against Captain George, but these were never filed
after the Tel Aviv Court ruled that Dirani had never been sexually
abused.) George's reputation was meanwhile dragged through the mud,
and Israel is a small enough country such that a lot of people knew
his real name. Under the media assault, George retired early from the
military. A national loss! Meanwhile Dirani's lawyers appealed to
the Israeli Supreme Court, and a panel of Beinisch-clique judicial
activists ruled a few months ago that he can go ahead with his suit.
The details of Dirani's capture and the Supreme Court ruling are
reviewed in an earlier posting, which I paste here below.

There are now some new interesting developments in this case. A
lot of these appear in an investigative report by journalist Pazit
Ravina, which appeared in this past weekend's Makor Rishon (February
3, 2012). There is indeed an Israeli interrogator nicknamed "Captain
George," although his real name has not been published in Israel (on
grounds of privacy). Captain George just filed a giant damages suit
against the Israeli government for having left him exposed to being
sued by the terrorist Dirani and failing to protect and defend him,
including from the press, which has been smearing and attacking
"Captain George" ever since Dirani started his theatrics. The suit
is for 4.5 million shekels. It also turns out that there was a
"missing" video made of the interrogations of Dirani and this video
tape had been hidden for years but was just leaked to Ilana Dayan, who
hosts an Israeli investigative reporting TV show. Just two of many
questions about all this are why this tape was kept hidden for so long
while Captain George was being vilified in the media and why it was
now suddenly leaked. The leaked tape was in addition to 46 other
tapes of Dirani's interrogations already provided by the state to
Dirani's lawyers.

Captain George was the commander of the IDF intelligence squad that
had apprehended Dirani in Lebanon back in 1994. He is a hero. He has
claimed all along that all interrogations by him and all
interrogations of Dirani were always done "by the book" and with no
violations of operating procedures.

The video tape of the interrogations leaked to Ilana Dayan's TV
show is important mainly for one reason. It shows that Dirani was not
even interrogated at all by "Captain George" but rather by a higher
commanding officer under whom George served. So Dirani was lying when
he claimed that "George" abused him during the interrogation. In the
tape, there are people yelling and cursing at Dirani, but George is
sitting at the side quietly. At the very least, if there had really
been any "abuse" of Dirani, George's superiors would be answerable for
it and not George. In any case, Dirani's "suit" named just George
(and the state of Israel).

Thanks to the Supreme Court, Dirani's lawyers can now pursue his
"suit" against Israel for six million shekels. Hmmm, we wonder where
they picked THAT number from!! The court ruling was written by
now-retired far-leftist Supreme Court Judge Ayala Procaccia. The
Supreme Court is scheduled to reconvene this coming October with an
expanded panel to reconsider the issue of whether terrorist Dirani can
really sue the state he terrorized. But from the list of the names of
the judges expected to be on the panel, things do not look good and
there are lots of Beinisch-clique judicial activists there, although
the new conservative Chief Justice Gronis will also be on that panel.

Finally, the "Captain George" affair has been kept alive in the
West by a malicious unemployed anti-Semitic semi-literate blogger
based in Seattle, named Richard Silverstein. He runs a vile
defamatory anti-Semitic blog with the Orwellian name "Tikun Olam." He
has already been proclaimed by a Los Angeles court as guilty of libel
per se. Silverstein publishes some of his stuff with David Duke from
the KKK and on Neo-Nazi web sites and he endorses Neo-Nazis like
Norman Finkelstein. Silverstein is also something of an agent for
Iran, promoting the Iranian take on just about everything, at least
when he is not promoting the Hamas take. Ordinarily no one would pay
any attention to such a creature (more than one web site, by the way,
has alleged that Silverstein has been involved in pedaphilia!). But
because of his venomous hatred of Israel, some Israeli leftists have
taken to passing on to Silverstein items to be leaked, items whose
publication is blocked by Israeli laws (such as regarding the identity
of those arrested but not yet tried). That has earned
attention-junkie Silverstein a bit of media attention, when his
"leaks" get picked up by others. Even when citing him, several
Israeli media outfits have mocked and dismissed Silverstein as a
crank. When Israel's Channel Two news mocked Silverstein as someone
who thinks he is the Israeli "Wikileaks," Silverstein proudly put that
term at the top of his blog page to show how famous and credible he
is, boasting that he is now officially "The Israeli Wikileaks."
Silverstein may be best know for smearing his own parents on his blog,
see this story:
(Silverstein for a while shared a web site with Larry Derfner, the
pro-terrorist fired a few months ago by the Jerusalem Post for
cheering on murder of Jews, but then Derfner decided that Silverstein
is too much of a scoundrel and ignoramus even for HIM!)

Well fact-free "Little Dickie" Silverstein, which seems to be his
nickname all over the Jewish blogosphere, has been the main "news
source" pushing the Dirani version of events and smearing poor old
"Captain George" in the West, including by leaking his real name. It
will be amusing to see if Dickie backs off and apologizes now that it
is known that Captain George was not even the interrogator of Dirani.
As far as I know, Dickie has NEVER issued any apology for any of the
countless things he gets wrong.

For an amusing web site that "outs" Silverstein, go to . See also some entertaining exposes of
him at the blog.

Here is an earlier article about the Dirani affair and the ruling by
Israel's judicial activists on its Supreme Court in favor of
arch-terrorist Mustafa Dirani, the man who kidnapped Israeli MIA Ron
Arad and "sold" him to the Iranians:

July 24, 2011
Israel's Supreme Court Serving the Kidnapper of its Most Famous MIA
By Steven Plaut
The decision this week by the Israeli Supreme Court in the matter of
Mustafa Dirani (sometimes spelled Durani) has shown the world that
Israel's judicial system is a clear and present danger to the country.
Allow me to introduce you to the latest client of the Israeli Supreme Court.
Mustafa Dirani is believed to be the terrorist who captured Israeli
navigator Ron Arad when he was forced to parachute into Lebanon.
Dirani's terrorists ignored Red Cross requests and international
Geneva Convention rules and held Arad incommunicado for years. No one
quite knows what they did with Arad, but it is generally believed that
Dirani "sold" Arad to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and that Arad
was probably eventually murdered by them. Dirani was paid $300,000
for "selling" Arad to the Iranians. The terrorists did not even have
the decency to reveal Arad's fate, leaving his wife an "aguna."
Dirani was the "head of security" in the Amal militia of Shi'ites
operating in Lebanon, and then split off to form his own Shi'ite
terrorist militia, named "Believing Resistance," this before
Hezb'Allah became the head of the Shi'ite terrorist syndicate.
In a counter-terrorism ground operation in Lebanon in 1994, Dirani was
abducted by Israel and tossed into prison, to be held as a bargaining
chip to obtain the release of Ron Arad or of other Israeli POW's.
While Dirani should have been executed by Israel for his crimes, he
was kept in cushy comfort in Israeli prison. I do not know if he was
permitted to takes courses in distance learning for a BA, like other
Lebanese terrorist murderers held in Israel. His being kept alive of
course was an open invitation for other terrorists to kidnap and
murder Israelis, to gain Dirani's release. And the Israeli far left
insisted all along that he should just be released with no quid pro
quo because releasing terrorist murderers is the best way to achieve
In 2004, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon decided to release more than 400
terrorists in order to "purchase" back from the Hezb'Allah the corpses
of three Israeli POWs who had been murdered in cold blood by the
terrorists. In addition, Hezb'Allah released the Israeli drug
smuggler Elhanan Tannenbaum, who had entered Lebanon illegally to buy
drugs when he was kidnapped by the terrorists. Tannenbaum had been a
senior army officer in Israel and it is widely believed that his army
buddies pulled strings to get the deal to release him approved. One
of the terrorists released by Sharon to "buy back" the corpses and the
live drug criminal was Dirani. At the time I published an article
about the "deal" entitled "I am Ashamed to be an Israeli," which you
can read here. I also suggested that I would be willing to release to
Hezb'Allah a few terrorists as payment for them keeping Elhanan
Tannebaum there in Lebanon.
Since being released, Dirani has become something of a terrorist
celebrity in the Kasbah. Sharon did not even demand information about
Arad's fate or murder before releasing Dirani in the "deal." Dirani
is now serving as a senior Hezb'Allah terrorist.
Because Dirani no doubt sang like a canary while being interrogated by
Israel, he later invented a tall tale about being "raped" and
"tortured" while in Israeli prison by a guard or intelligence officer
he claims is named Captain "George." I have always assumed that he
chose the name George while reading those books about the little
monkey who lives with the man with the big yellow hat.
Well, Mustafa Dirani continues to try to profit from his "victimhood"
at the hands of "George." From his terrorist abode in Lebanon, Dirani
attempted to file a damages suit against Israel for the fictional
tryst he claims Curious George engaged with him while in prison. The
"evidence" that Dirani was sexually abused by "George" is that Dirani
says so. The Israeli Tel Aviv district court, where this was filed,
tossed the suit out, into the garbage.
Ah, but then in steps the Israeli Supreme Cult. By a vote of two
against one, a Supreme Court panel has just overridden the Tel Aviv
Court and has ordered that Dirani be allowed to sue the state of
Israel in Israeli court for "damages" and "compensation"! This
decision was written by retiring Supreme Court justice Ayala
Procaccia, the same judge who tossed 14-year-old religious girls into
prison without a trial because they had participated in a right-wing
protest demonstration. Procaccia, who makes no attempt to hide her
radical leftist agenda, also wrote the recent Supreme Court decision
that ruled that telling the truth is no defense at all against being
charged under Israel's Soviet-style law for "insulting a public
servant." She was joined in this Dirani ruling by the Arab Supreme
Court judge Salim Jubran, who was one of the judges who refused to
defend freedom of speech in the recent ruling in the matter of the
Gordon SLAPP suit. (See this and this.)
So the terrorist and international criminal Dirani is now to be
rewarded for his kidnapping and probable murder of Ron Arad by being
invited by the Israeli Supreme Court to sue the government of Israel
in an Israeli court from his Hezb'Allah terrorist hideaway for his
fictional "victimhood" by the Israeli prison authority. If he wins,
he will get lots of shekels in "damages."
The duo of Procaccia and Jubran also issued another ruling a few days
ago ordering the Beer Sheba municipality to take an old long-abandoned
building that had once served as a mosque before 1948 and to renovate
it at municipality expense and convert it into a museum of Islamic
culture. Just which law gave the Supreme Court judges the right to
order this? No law at all, grasshopper, just "judicial activism."

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