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Sex, Marxism and Fraud - The Marc Ellis Affair at Baylor

1. Sex, Marxism and Fraud - The Marc Ellis Affair at Baylor

Sex, Marxism and Fraud
Posted By Steven Plaut On February 29, 2012 @ 12:06 am

Scott Ritter is not the only darling of the Left to get himself into
trouble because of his sexual misbehavior. Another is Marc H. Ellis, a
tenured professor at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, and one of the
most malicious collaborators in the Campus Wars against the Jews. He
openly calls for Israel to be exterminated. He is to be one of the
key speakers at the "Annihilate Israel" academic "conference" to be
held in a few days at Harvard.
Baylor University's president is Kenneth Starr, best remembered from
his investigations of another sexual predator, Bill Clinton. The
current campaign to rid Baylor of Ellis is because Ellis reportedly
sexually harassed a female faculty member, who got herself a lawyer
and filed a complaint. Evidently all sorts of Baylor faculty knew
about it. In response to this, Starr and Baylor have suspended Ellis
from all teaching and administrative duties indefinitely. Baylor
offered to "buy Ellis out" to get him to leave. Last July the Faculty
Dismissal Committee notified Ellis that the administration was seeking
his dismissal.
As this world's largest Baptist University, Baylor officials do not
take kindly to professors manhandling the prairie womenfolk. Ellis
seems to be defending himself by claiming his suspension is
"discriminatory" because others at Baylor have been involved in
hanky-panky and have not been similarly punished. In his words, his
are "alleged offenses reportedly routine at Baylor." In other words,
if other gropers were coddled, so should he be. Ellis is also
claiming there is a dark conspiracy by the tiny local Waco Jewish
community to pay Baylor to get him fired.
The radical Left has long adored and celebrated Ellis because he is a
radical Jewish anti-Semite in the tradition of Hezbollah agent Norman
Finkelstein. The anti-Israel Middle East Studies Association issued a
statement defending and endorsing Ellis, as did the American
Association of University Professors. How ridiculous these groups
appear now that it is known that Ellis is under fire not because of
his anti-Semitism but because of his inability to control his
lascivious behavior.
A pro-Ellis petition has been organized by Cornell West and is being
promoted by such luminaries as Noam Chomsky. (What a comedown for
Chomsky, the one-time apologist for the Khmer Rouge, now merely an
apologist for Ellis.) It charges that Ellis is a victim of
"persecution." The very first endorsement of the petition is by the
discredited pseudo-academic fraud Ilan Pappe. In a speech at the
American Academy of Religion in November, Cornell West, who just does
not like Jews very much, described Ellis as a "prophetic figure."
Ellis is a professor of "Jewish Studies" who knows nothing at all
about Judaism or Jewish Studies. He has built a career as a
Bash-Israel propagandist and supporter of Islamofascism and as a
leader in the movement to exterminate Israel and Israelis. Indeed,
that is the real reason the radical Left is defending him.
The Reverend Jeremiah Wright loves him. Academic terrorist Edward
Said adored him while Said was still alive. George McGovern likes
him. Neo-Nazi Norman Finkelstein is the close soul-brother of Ellis,
who endorsed Finkelstein's "book" and who likes to mimic Finkelstein's
smear terminology about the "Holocaust Industry."
Ellis has no degrees and no academic training at all in Jewish
theology, Jewish history, Jewish anything. He holds a PhD degree from
a Jesuit University (Marquette), where people may know their Catholic
catechism but no one would consider it a serious place to learn about
Judaism. Ellis later was employed at the Maryknoll School of Theology
in Maryknoll, New York (a liberation theology school that closed in
1994 and was not even accredited). Ellis woke up one fine morning and
decided he was an expert in "Jewish Studies." He peddled himself as
such to Baylor, which evidently did not check out his credentials very
thoroughly. There he set up the university's Center for Jewish
Studies as his one-man fiefdom. While Baylor should be saluted for
wanting to have a Jewish Studies department operating in this Baptist
University, hiring Ellis was hardly the way to go about it.
Ellis replaces the traditional Jewish Biblical Patriarchs of Abraham,
Isaac and Jacob with Marx, Lenin and Arafat. In Ellis's writings as a
purported "theologian," there is nothing to indicate he has any
familiarity at all with Jewish religious sources or concepts. Indeed,
there is no evidence that he has ever read the Bible, let alone
studied the Talmud or other classical Jewish texts. Ellis's
"theology" is the same as that of the wacky pro-LSD hippie magazine
"Tikkun," on whose board of editors he sits. Tikkun is published by
Michael Lerner, promoter of psychedelic drugs and one-time SDS leader.
While Lerner pretends to be a rabbi, he is not and never has been
ordained by any rabbinic school. Both Lerner and Ellis like to cite
obsessively the "Ethics of the Books of the Prophets in the Bible" as
artillery support for their politics, but neither has ever provided
any evidence that he has ever read those books or has the slightest
idea what they contain.
Marc Ellis's curriculum vita is not published anywhere on the Baylor
University web site, nor anywhere else in the Internet for that
matter. And there is a good reason for this. His CV is an
embarrassment and reveals the pathetic quality level of his "work."
Ellis has virtually no academic publications, in spite of his having
served as a tenured full professor at a large university. I could
find no publications by Ellis in any international refereed academic
journals, the usual yardstick to evaluate an academic. Most of his
journal articles are in the "Journal of Palestine Studies," a
propaganda magazine controlled by the PLO. He also has a few things
in Christian liberation theology magazines, none of which could be
considered academic publications, and almost all of these articles are
bashings of Israel. He has published a few screeds in Marxist
magazines and other bash-Israel magazines. The closest thing to an
Ellis academic publication I could find was something he has in an
obscure Turkish journal about how insensitive Americans were about
Muslims after 9-11.
Ellis's entire "academic" record consists of Bash-Israel propaganda
books purporting to be concerned with theology, mostly published with
either Marxist publishers, like the Pluto Press (which used to have
Trotskyite connections and likes to publish anti-Semitic screeds), or
with obscure publishers specializing in Christian liberation theology.
Ellis serving as a professor of Jewish Studies at a university makes
about as much sense as Shirley MacLaine working as a distinguished
professor of physics. Ellis has essentially never published anything
about Judaism, but instead only about the shallow Marxism he expects
Jews to embrace as a replacement for Judaism. Jewish theologians who
have heard of him at all consider him a quack.
Ellis's main academic achievements seem to be the invention of
nonsense terms and the utilization of the Holocaust as a bludgeon to
demonize Israel. Ellis is openly contemptuous of any talk about Jews
being in need of any national empowerment. Such things constitute
"Constantinian Judaism," to use Ellis's favorite terminology, a
malapropism picked up – one suspects – after spending too much time
misrepresenting Judaism at Christian theological institutions.
Constantinian Judaism, in Ellis's view, is conscripting religion to
serve the agenda of the militarist state. Ellis uses the term to
describe Jews who support either Israel or the United States. Jews can
only fulfill their proper ethical role in history, which – Ellis is
persuaded – is to promote socialism and leftist fads, if they are
stateless and suffering. Ellis never finds time in all his discussions
of the theological implications of the Holocaust to consider the mass
murder of Jewish children by his beloved Palestinians. Uniformed
Jewish youths certainly have no right to prevent such things. No Anna
Franks in Israel are entitled to defense.
Ellis pretends to be some sort of expert on "Holocaust Studies" but
the only "Holocaust lesson" Ellis derives is the need to have a second
Holocaust to rid the world of Israel and Israelis. Ellis has publicly
endorsed not only Finkelstein's The Holocaust Industry, but also
Finkelstein's scurrilous attacks on Nobel Prize winning-writer and
concentration camp survivor Elie Wiesel. Ellis sometimes writes for
the pro-jihad "Counterpunch" web magazine of the Cockburns, where he
appears alongside some of the worst Holocaust Deniers on the planet.
The theological lesson that Marc H. Ellis draws from the Holocaust and
preaches wherever he goes is that Jews must stop trying to defend
themselves against violent anti-Semites and that "progressive Jews"
such as himself should see to it that Israel is destroyed. He will be
conveying this "lesson" at the upcoming Harvard Nuremberg Rally.
(Harvard, hide thy womenfolk.) It remains to be seen whether
participants will march from the rally along Harvard Street to
Brookline to burn down any synagogues.
It would be preferable if Baylor fired Ellis for being a fraud, a
pseudo-academic, an imposter with no knowledge of "Jewish Studies,"
someone unqualified to serve as a professor of anything. But the
United States got rid of Al Capone by convicting him of income tax
evasion. So I suppose Baylor could do worse than firing Marc H. Ellis
because of sexual misconduct.

2. Genocidal Liberalism:
Genocidal Liberalism: The University's Jihad Against Israel & Jews
3. Harvard's Ruth Wisse on Harvard's Academic Pogrom:
Wall Street Journal
• FEBRUARY 28, 2012, 6:34 P.M. ET
Harvard's Latest Assault on Israel
Promoting the Jewish State's destruction at a school dedicated to
'democratic governance.'
In 1948, when the Arab League declared war on Israel, no one imagined
that six decades later American universities would become its overseas
agency. Yet campus incitement against Israel has been growing from
California to the New York Island. A conference at Harvard next week
called "Israel/Palestine and the One-State Solution" is but the latest
aggression in an escalating campaign against the Jewish state.
The sequence is by now familiar: Arab student groups and self-styled
progressives organize a conference or event like "Israeli Apartheid
Week," targeting Israel as the main problem of the Middle East. They
frame the goals of these events in buzzwords of "expanding the range
of academic debate." But since the roster of speakers and subjects
makes their hostile agenda indisputable, university spokespersons
scramble to dissociate their institutions from the events they are
sponsoring. Jewish students and alums debate whether to ignore or
protest the aggression, and newspapers fueling the story give equal
credence to Israel's attackers and defenders.
A featured speaker at Harvard's conference is Ali Abunimah, creator of
the website Electronic Intifada, who opposes the existence of a
"Jewish State" as racist by virtue of being Jewish. A regular on this
circuit, he also keynoted a recent University of Pennsylvania
conference urging "Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions" (BDS) of, from
and against Israel. Ostensibly dedicated to protecting Palestinian
Arabs from Israeli oppression, BDS has by now achieved the status of
an international "movement," some of whose branches exclude Israeli
academics from their journals and conferences.
But the economic war on Israel did not start with BDS. In 1945, before
the founding of Israel, the Arab League declared a boycott of "Jewish
products and manufactured goods." Ever since, the Damascus-based
Central Boycott Office has tried to enforce a triple-tiered boycott
prohibiting importation of Israeli-origin goods and services, trade
with any entity that does business in Israel, and engagement with any
company or individual that does business with firms on the Arab League
blacklist. Although the U.S. Congress took measures to counteract this
boycott, and the Damascus Bureau may be temporarily preoccupied on
other fronts, the boycott momentum has been picked up by Arab students
and academics.
Freedom of speech grants all Americans the right to prosecute the
verbal war against Israel. But let's differentiate toleration from
abetting. Harvard may tolerate smoking, but its medical school
wouldn't sponsor a conference touting the benefits of cigarettes
because doctors have learned that smoking is hazardous to health. The
avowed mission of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, host of
the upcoming conference, "is to strengthen democratic governance
around the world by preparing people for public leadership and by
helping to solve problems of public policy." How farcical that instead
of seeking to strengthen democratic governance, its students hijack
its forum for "studying" how to destroy the hardiest democracy in the
Middle East.
The pattern of anti-Israel attack, administrative embarrassment,
Jewish confusion, and media exploitation of the story will continue
until all parties realize that the war against Israel is fundamentally
different from biases to which it is often compared. Once Americans
acknowledged the evils of their discrimination against
African-Americans, they abjured their racism and tried through
affirmative action to compensate for past injustice. Arab and Muslim
leaders have done the opposite. Having attempted to deny Jews their
right to their one country, they accused Jews of denying Arabs their
22nd. After losing wars on the battlefield, they prosecuted the war by
other means.
Students who are inculcated with hatred of Israel may want to express
their national, religious or political identity by urging its
annihilation. But universities that condone their efforts are triple
offenders—against their mission, against the Jewish people, and
perhaps most especially against the maligners themselves. Smoking is
less fatal to smokers than anti-Jewish politics is to its users.
Remember Hitler's bunker.
Ms. Wisse, a professor of Yiddish and comparative literature at
Harvard, is the author of "Jews and Power" (Schocken, 2007).

4. Jubran was one of the Supreme Court judges who ruled against
freedom of speech in the Gordon-Plaut court case. Now he is jihading
against Hatikva:\

5. My Habonim Colleague:

6. Israel's caring classes, led by its radical feminists, have been
terribly upset when one or two bus lines were set up in Ultra-Orthodox
chareidi neighborhoods in which the menfolk and womenfolk sat

The irony here is that there really is a form of malicious bus-related
gender discrimination in Israel, although one about which Israel's
feminists have never had anything to say.

Israel may be the only Western country in which there are no (or
virtually no) women bus drivers. The reason for this is that, ever
since it was created, the Egged monopoly has refused to allow women to
be bus drivers. In my 32 years in the country I have seen one or two
women bus drivers, and I think they were not even on Egged busses but
Dan busses (the Tel Aviv separate bus monopoly). Egged denies it bars
women from being drivers but Egged is lying.

In all other countries, women drive busses. And since Egged drivers
are grossly overpaid, driving a bus would be a great form of
livelihood for women who do not have college educations or technical
training, and would even allow divorced and single mothers to raise
families. There are also almost no women taxi drivers in Israel.

The radical feminists, invariably also radically anti-Israel, have
never once had a single word to say about this gross gender apartheid
and discrimination. That is because they are far too busy demanding
that the number of women on Knesset lists be increased, and that women
be assigned as directors of public corporations, even when they are
underqualified women with no business training. In other words, the
feminists are concerned with the advances of the pampered Queen Bees,
but working class women have no interest for them.

Israeli women are harmed by the Egged discrimination far more than
they were from being asked to sit separately from men on the Chareidi
bus line.

Tel Aviv University (Dept of History) and UC Berkeley (Townsend
Humanities Lab): Michal Givoni Strives for New Polysyllables that Can
help Eliminate Israel
By Lee Kaplan

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