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Zionism's Greatest Achievement

1. Jewish occupiers and colonialists (Buchenwald concentration

2. Zionism's Greatest Achievement (re-posting)

In some ways it is a depressing period in Jewish history. The American
Jewish Diaspora community, or at least the non-Orthodox bulk therein,
is in the process of committing cultural/national/religious suicide.
Most American Jews are indifferent to their Jewishness; intermarriage
is close to and may be above 50 percent; and the dominant "religion"
of the American non-Orthodox Jews is the pseudo-religion of
Liberalism-as-Judaism, its chief tenet being that Judaism is nothing
more nor less than the political agenda of the American Left, never
mind that this agenda is totally bankrupt intellectually on its own
demerits. The Reform movement, the Deconstructionist
Reconstructionists and many Conservatives (as in Conservative
synagogues) are simply religious liberals, with political liberalism
as their dogma.

The "defense" organizations, American Jewish Congress, B'nai Brith, et
al, are also largely devoted to the practice of political liberalism
as pseudo-religion.

And then we have the chattering classes in Israel - the media and
intelligentsia and literati - devoted to seeing Israel weakened and

In these days of frustration, I think there is one idea that we should
bear in mind. And that is that the Zionist movement has many fantastic
accomplishments under its belt, one of the most important of which is
that Zionism forced a major change in the nature and expression of

Not that anti-Semites are really any different when they hide behind
the mask of anti-Zionism. These are the same gutter bigots, the same
people who refuse to acknowledge that Jews are humans, that Jews are
entitled to rights and equality. But they have been forced to express
their bigotry differently.

This should be obvious any time you observe the campus anti-Semites of
the Left, the Arab fascists and the self-hating leftist Jewish
anti-Semites demonstrating against Israel.

For centuries, the slogans of the anti-Semites were that Jews were
racially inferior, intellectually inferior, cowards, money-grubbers,
killers of God, sub-humans.

But observe the main slogan of anti-Semites today: The Jews are mean.
They are mean to the poor Palestinians.
Ooooh, soooo mean.

What a marvelous transformation! The main calumny thrown at the Jews
is that they are bullies, meanies. What greater accomplishment of
Zionism could be imagined?

Of course, this does not mean that the anti-Semites really think that
the Jews are mean or cruel to the "poor" Palestinians. The
anti-Zionists do not give a damn about the Palestinians, and the last
thing they care about is Arab human rights. This is why they have
absolutely nothing to say about the treatment of Arabs in Arab
countries or by the Palestinian Authority's Gestapo.

When Saddam Hussein ordered Kuwaiti civilians to be forced to drink
gasoline and then had his troops shoot into their bellies to make them
explode (to the cheers and laughs of his stormtroopers) there was not
a single anti-Zionist who expressed disapproval or concern. The
anti-Zionists know perfectly well that Arabs are treated a thousand
times better in Israel (and this would be so even if one were to
believe all their accusations and allegations of mistreatment) than
are Arabs in Arab countries.

The anti-Semites lament supposed Israeli mistreatment of the "poor"
Palestinians because they think this is an effective way to
delegitimize and undermine the existence of Israel. In other words,
they are motivated by hatred of Jews and not by any compassion for
Palestinians. They seek to see Israel destroyed, not the Palestinians
enfranchised, or rather their only interest in Palestinian
enfranchisement is as a tool to endanger Israel's existence. Of the
enormous Arab territories of the Middle East, almost twice the land
mass of the United States, the only place where they suddenly are
concerned for the welfare and civil rights of Arabs is in Israel. The
other Arabs, as far as they're concerned, can go to hell.

And if they can accuse Israel of violating Arab civil rights (never
mind that their accusations are false and invented) then they can
pretend to be compassionate and interested in peace, not gutter bigots
who hate Jews.

The anti-Semites have lost their ability to march about and accuse the
Jews of ritual murders and similar medieval libels (at least outside
the Arab media and Counterpunch magazine). Such things would make them
laughable in the West. No one outside the Arab world takes the
Protocols of the Elders of Zion as anything other than an
embarrassment for anti-Zionists. Hence they have seized onto a new
propaganda tactic, complaining that the Jews are oh, so mean and cruel
- and bullies to boot.

At long last -after two millennia of exile - to be accused of being
bullies! To leave the anti-Semites with no more effective weapon than
heaping invective upon the mean Jews! For this one must say a blessing
of thanksgiving, a shecheyanu. And often.

It is Zionism's greatest achievement!

3. Quaker Bigots:

4. More leftwing fascism:

And even MORE Leftwing Fascism:

5. Ecological Fascism:,7340,L-4195413,00.html

6. An Adar Thought:

As you know, there has been some ruckus in Israel in recent weeks
over gender separation among the ultra-Orthodox, or what the media are
calling "HADARAT NASHIM" – meaning exclusion of women.

Well, a film crew wondered into a bank in an ordinary Israeli
neighborhood, meaning one with ordinary modern Orthodox and secular
Israelis, and saw there a case of reactionary gender separation, with
all the men in one line and all the women in another. The crew asked
the manager how he can tolerate this HADARAT NASHIM and wasn't this
just the worst example one can find of Ultra-Orthodox religious
coercion and theocratic bullying.

No, you do not understand, said the bank manager. All the men are
waiting in the line for depositing money and all the women are in the
line for withdrawals.

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