Sunday, March 18, 2012


1. The story about the leftist women cheerleaders for terrorism
getting their hooters grabbed and otherwise being molested by the
"Palestinians" is now available in English, here:

Warning: You may laugh so hard you need to change your shorts.

The story also appears on the BLAZE news site at

None of the feminists upset by the molestation of these chicks when
they rally for jihad in the West Bank were upset by Bill Clinton's

2. The leftist ultras now have a new slogan. As you know, there are
many pro-jihad homosexual groups now demanding that Israel be
annihilated, never mind how homosexuals are treated by the
Islamofascists. The Left has a new term for it when Zionists defend
Israel by pointing out that Israel is quite a tolerant place when it
comes to homosexuals, where violence and discrimination against
homosexuals in Israel are prohibited and rare, while they are
routinely murdered under Moslem regimes. When people DEFEND Israel's
record on homosexuals, the leftists call this "pinkwashing." Meaning
the Zionists are "white washing" Israel's treatment of "Palestinians"
by discussing its treatment of homosexuals.

Well, I have a suggestion. Any time any leftist even uses the
nonsense term "pinkwashing" in a sentence, we should all respond
loudly by demanding that leftists have their limp wrists broken.

3. You may have noticed that David Newman, the leftist hater of
democracy and enemy of freedom of speech who is pseudo-academic Dean
at Ben Gurion University and crayons columns for the Jerusalem Post,
had a column last week DEFENDING the granting of the Israel Prize this
year to Rabbi Haim Druckman. See:

Newman is a radical anti-Israel leftist, while Druckman is a leader in
the religious Right. So is Newman suddenly in favor of pluralism and
diversity of opinion?

No, grasshopper. Druckman could never teach a course in the
department of politics at Ben Gurion University, Newman's home, or
even give a talk in a "conference" hosted by GBU. It is doubtful he
could speak before any other BGU audience. BGU is an institution
where only correct leftist opinion may be expressed and no Zionist or
non-leftist may address students of political science. Newman has
never invited Druckman, whom he "celebrates" in his Jerusalem Post
column, to lecture at Ben Gurion University. He just is pretending to
think that hosting diversity of opinion is nice when OTHER people or
other institutions do it, just as long as no one expects HIM to do it.

4. Meet an interesting guy:

5. SO the world just cut Iran off from SWIFT, the electronic payments
mechanism used for international transfer of funds, leaving the
Iranian barbarians as outsiders to modern finance. The Ayatollahs can
of course still shop with cash. And between you and me, the cutoff
does not really do anything because Iran will simply have
collecting/paying agencies in the West doing its financial settlements
for it, collecting its payments and making payments for it, diverting
everything to some western country. But the media and the Obama
people are all pleased with the results for the moment. See,7340,L-4204264,00.html

So here is a question. If cutting Iran out of SWIFT is such an
effective sanction against barbarism and a blow to its rep and
finances, then why not do the exact same thing with Gaza and the
Pestilinians? Gaza pays and collects all its payments using the
Israeli payments clearing system and the Bank of Israel, and through
them has access to SWIFT. Why not cut them completely off? Let the
Hamas buy its missiles with bags of coins and gumballs!! Let it pay
off its suppliers without any use of the payments clearing systems of
the 21st century!

6. When academic McCarthyists whine about McCarthyism:,7340,L-4203449,00.html

Related story:

7. I found this really interesting:

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