Friday, March 16, 2012

Oh the hankying! Oh the pankying!

1. Comrades, I am afraid we cannot just delve into today's news
stories without some preparatory warm-up, because they all involve
matters of adult carnal activity, lust, territories south of the
border, misuse of gonads, and panky-hanky.

To get you into the right state of mind I cite the old jugband
music song (full lyrics here: )
about roaming fingers:

Man, take your fingers off it
Now don't you try to touch it
'Cause you know it don't belong to you

PG rating on what follows, for – after all – we are a family incitement service.

Israeli academic institutions are all sweaty and breathing heavily
over the latest scandal involving a professor and his female student,
engaged in, er, shall we say - pillowing. There have been quite a few
such stories, in which the professor gets to misuse his power to put
the student in a position (using that word in two or three different
senses) in which she has trouble saying no. We have seen previous
scandals at the Hebrew University involving faculty in the department
of sociology there accused by female students of molesting them or
even raping them. One of the faculty members, the far-leftist Eyal
Ben Ari, has been fired by the Hebrew University, constricting the
number of tenured far Leftist anti-Israel faculty members at the
Hebrew University by a fraction of one percent.

The newest scandal involves a professor at Tel Aviv University, who
conducted an affair with his female student. She later filed an
ethics complaint against him for taking advantage of the "unbalanced
power relation" between them. The university investigated, held
internal discipline committee indictments, and found the professor
guilty. He is now suspended and being docked some pay.

Haaretz reports the story in banner headline. Alas, it is not on the
English Haaretz site (yet) and other news sites have not yet reported
it. The news story can be read in full (Hebrew only) here:

The big question here is who the perp is. In the past, most of the
tenured perps found to be groping, molesting and even raping the
female students were far leftist anti-Israel radicals. Haaretz is
being coy about who the current molester is, which makes me believe it
is one more leftist. Haaretz reported with glee every accusation
against a popular Rabbi accused of sexual misbehavior, never shy about
naming him. Israel being Israel, I am confident the name of the
pervert will leak into the web within a few days, and evidently oodles
of people at Tel Aviv University already know who it is. Once it
leaks, I will report it.

There are a couple of subtle "hints" in the Haaretz coverage. First,
Haaretz runs a giant photo of the Humanities building at TAU as part
of this news story, and it is pretty clear Haaretz is "signaling" its
readers that the events and the perp are in the humanities. Then in
the Hebrew Haaretz web site, Haaretz seems to have purposely left up a
talkback comment in which someone claims to have reason to believe
that the perp is actually the ultra-anti-Semitic professor of history,
the Stalinist pseudo-academic, Shlomo Sand, who claims the Jews were
never a people. Let me say that I have no evidence that Sand is the
one involved in the sexual scandal. I simply find it significant that
the Haaretz web site, which will censor, erase, and bar any talkback
comment that supports Zionism or the right of Israel to kill
terrorists, has decided to leave this talkback up, unaltered. Hebrew
readers can see the accusation in talkback 10 here: Under recent
changes in Israeli law, Haaretz could get its kafiyya sued off if the
talkback accusation is not correct.

The exact verdict of the disciplinary committee that convicted the
professor in question can be read in Hebrew here: but without the
names of the professor and student being shown. The verdict is
pretty similar to the way it is reported in the Haaretz news story.

This is clearly a story worth following!

I suppose in the interests of candor I should point out that in the
early 1980s I taught at the Technion and dated a student there, not a
student in MY classes but a student nevertheless, married her 27 years
ago, and the "unbalanced power relation" that resulted manifests
itself to this day in me doing the dishes and the hoovering.

2. An even more-fun story is the latest news service revelation of
the wide-scale sexual harassment by Palestinians of Western women who
come to their villages to express their solidarity with Palestinian
terror and the right of Palestinians to murder Jews.

Large numbers of Western leftist chicks come jiggling through
Palestinian villages, places in which the local horny young men
ordinarily only get to see women behind scarves, bulky dresses and
worse. The jiggling gets their hormones running and the result has
been a series of rapes and molestations of the "solidarity"
protesters. The media have reporting these stories for years, but
Haaretz today runs a new expose about various young women from the
Anarcho-fascists Against the Wall and other anti-Semitic pro-terror
groups becoming the squeeze toys of the local terrorists. Even worse,
they are also being groped and worse by male leftist Israeli
"activists," also to be found in the Palestinian villages where they
throw rocks at Jews and other living things.

Now Israeli leftists would be the very first people on earth to insist
that all women have the right to walk through Meah Shearim and other
neighborhoods of Ultra-Orthodox "chareidim" in Jerusalem in thong
bikinis, and that any bearded black-coated religious man who makes any
comment about their dress should be whisked away for re-education in a
leftist Gulag camp. But the Left's only response to the many cases of
Western pro-terror women being molested and groped by Palestinians has
been to urge the lassies to dress more modestly and cover up a larger
portion of their anatomies. Feminism for some!

The delightful story of the Western and Israeli leftist "solidarity"
gals getting groped and worse by their Palestinians is in Haaretz
today, alas – only in the Hebrew edition and web site:, where Hebrew readers can
chortle in delight over every syllable. I personally had to change my
knickers twice after reading it and laughing so hard.
The woman showed in the photo on that page is Hanna Beit Halachmi, -
active in the movement to prevent Jews from moving into the Simon the
Righteous neighborhood in Jerusalem and polluting it with their
presence. I believe she is the daughter of a far-leftist Professor of
Psychology at the University of Haifa, Benjamin Beit Halachmi
(sometimes spelled without the C).

There have been plenty of previous stories about anti-Israel
pro-terror "peace" activists being raped and harassed sexually by the
very same Palestinians they have come to clasp to their throbbing
bosoms (I warned you these stories would get racy!) . Here are a few
(last one from Haaretz)

While Palestinians molesting the pro-terrorists sexually is not really
new, the Haaretz story reveals that numerous web sites of Israeli
far-leftist organizations (the ones propped up by the Eurotrash and
the New Israel Fund), have carried reports lately of terrorettes
(pro-terror female protesters) getting manhandled and worse by leftist
Israeli activists. In one, the girl complained that her attacker at
first seemed to have all the positive characteristics she was looking
for – (in her words) he was Post-Zionist, anti-capitalist,
post-colonialist, and so on. I know from her passionate description
of his many good qualities that I myself would have been happy to
allow him to plant a kiss on my lower left rear cheek below my belt!
The Anarcho-nazis against the Wall issued their own statement that
they plan to struggle against chauvinism and sexual abuse against
their members by Palestinians almost as passionately as they will
continue the struggle against Israel's existence.

Haaretz of course has an acute identity crisis when it comes to such
things. On the one hand, the paper tends to be ultra-feminist and so
is upset by the hankying and pankying against the pro-jihad
"solidarity activists" in the West Bank. But on the other hand, the
paper approves of violent Palestinian behavior towards Israelis and
Westerners in general. So the paper for thinking Israelis can never
be sure whether to approve of and explain away the harassment or to
condemn it.

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