Tuesday, April 03, 2012

On Cosmetics, Cabbage, Clay Pigeons, and Cr*pola

1. I have long believed that Rivka Carmi, the cabbagehead president
of Ben Gurion University, should in fact be a cosmetics saleslady.
She proves how good she is at it in the latest development regarding
the Bir Zeit of the Negev, Ben Gurion "University." See this

As you recall, an international panel had called for shutting down the
political science department at BGU because it is nothing but a
pseudo-academic radical anti-Israel propaganda center engaged in
anti-Israel hate and demonization. It is composed entirely of
far-leftist anti-Israel extremists and no Zionist is permitted to
teach in the department. And it is a department devoid of the
slightest hint of serious academic standards or scholastic
achievement. It is home to Neve Gordon, in the news this week for
defending Iran's right to nuke the Jews
), and also to the enemy of freedom of speech David Newman, Dean at
BGU, who actually is a geographer, best known for his helping produce
an anti-Semitic documentary for British TV.

Well, Rivka Carmi proclaimed that the school would make some cosmetic
changes in the department to get the international panel off her back.
Israel's Ivory Soviet, the Council on Higher Education, seems to be
buying her spin. It has backed down from the decision to shut down
this BGU department for jihadist studies. 150 people, including some
of the worst anti-Israel tenured extremists in the world, had signed a
petition backing keeping the politics department at BGU open.

The stench at BGU is one that even Chanel perfumes cannot cover up.

2. The campus Left at Tel Aviv University had a rude awakening
yesterday. The usual anti-Israel clique, meaning the students and
faculty members of the Israeli communist party and their fellow
travelers, were holding a pro-terrorism protest on campus, demanding
that Israel stop arresting Palestinians and holding them in custody
when they are guilty of nothing more than murder and terrorism. A
large group of Zionist "Im Tirtzu" students emerged and confronted the
jihadists. The Im Tirtzu students also collected signatures on the
spot demanding that TAU lecturer Anat Matar, one of the participants
in the We Love Terrorists rally, be fired (see
Haaretz is aghast.

3. Haaretz, the Palestinian newspaper printed in Hebrew, and its
allied Arab NGOs, have a new cause. They are upset that Israel's
Ministry of Culture and Sports is financing a children's Passover
performance that is touring the country, but is performing only before
audiences of Jewish children. That is discrimination, opines Haaretz.
Really. See this:
The fact that Jewish children celebrate Passover while Arab children
do not is just one of those imponderables for the jihadist Left.

But imagine, just imagine, that the government DID arrange for this
Passover performance to be done in Arab towns. In that case, Haaretz
and its satellites would be bellowing that this is "Judaizing" (the
favorite nonsense word of the Left) and just proves how apartheid-ish
Israel is.

4. It is getting so hard to be an environmentalist nut. No sooner
does Israel's government come out in favor of building energy farms
using wind power than the radical greens come out AGAINST the idea,
because the windmills might injure some iddy biddy birdies. Similar
birdie concerns have sabotaged wind energy production in California,
Texas, and elsewhere. See
I do not see why the problem cannot be solved by chaining animal
rights nuts to the blades of the windmills and letting them wave their
arms about and scream at the birdies so as to warn them away from the
blades. Years ago, leftist hyper-bimbo Yael Dayan, the daughter of
Moshe Dayan, demanded that Israel refuse to allow the Voice of America
to build a transmission tower in the Negev for fear that it injure
some birdies. At the time I wrote an Op Ed proposing that teams of
cooks stand under the towers with woks to put any such myopic birds to
productive uses.

This of course is not the only effort by the animal rights nuts to
annihilate humanity. Recently EL AL airlines announced that it was
capitulating to the animal nuts and refusing to transport laboratory
animals in its planes. Well, as someone who might benefit from
medical advances developed by experimenting on lab animals, I would
like to propose that we all write to El Al and let them know that, if
they refuse to transport lab animals, we will be refusing to transport
ourselves on El Al planes. Unless of course the labs agree to perform
the vivisections and other experiments on animal rights activists.

5. While I have been skeptical in recent years of Jordan and the
intentions of Jordanians, I must say that this week I have finally
been convinced that Jordanians are delightful civilized people. What
convinced me of this is that they beat the bejeebers out of a group of
visiting Neturei Karta loons. The Neturei Karta cult members arrived
in Jordan to demonstrate against Israel. Being space aliens, I
suspect they arrived in a Barry Chamish UFO saucer. In any case, the
heroic Jordanians showed them a thing or two. The space aliens then
attempted to enter Lebanon to be beaten up there as well, but the
Lebanese did not let them in. See

I do not understand why they need to travel so far and spend so much
on air tickets. I would be happy to beat the crapola out of them
myself right here in Israel, for free. And they make much better
practice targets than clay pigeons.

While we are at it, how about a new slogan for El Al: We transport
Lab Animals but not Neturei Kartans!!

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