Friday, April 27, 2012

Speaking of Long-Term "Occupations" ....

1. The news services are reporting that the US is about to remove a
part of its forces in Okinawa, sending about 7000 troops elsewhere.

That is correct and not a misprint. 67 years after liberating Okinawa
during World War II, it is still "occupied" by the heroic American

Of course, the American people was not first born and developed in
Okinawa, and the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were
not handed down to the American people from a mountain on that island.

But the same Bash-Israel lobby and the Boycott-Divest Hitlerjugend
have never had much to say about occupation of Okinawa, which has
lasted far, far longer than Israel's occupation of its own Judean and
Samarian heartland.

Speaking of which, you can see me occupying the Judean heartland in
the "occupied" West Bank in the accompanying photo.

2. You can always count on Haaretz to try to turn Israeli
Independence Day into Nakba Day and Let's all Escalate the Treason

First, Haaretz ran a special long anti-Israel diatribe by its most
openly treasonous columnist, Gideon Levy, smack on the front page in a
special color overleaf.

Then as its main feature article it ran a longwinded diatribe by
Avraham Burg, the far-leftist anti-Israel ex-politician who has been
calling for Israel's elimination for several years.

Shortly before Independence Day Haaretz ran a long piece by Akiva
Eldar openly endorsing Palestinian violence and terror against Jews.
It was so openly pro-violence that Maariv editor devoted much of his
own column today bashing Eldar and Haaretz for running it. Akiva
Eldar is one of the worst haters of Israel at Haaretz and is so
anti-Semitic that lately he has taken to publishing some of his
screeds in the Neo-Stalinist Magazine for Holocaust Deniers and
jihadists, Counterpunch, run by the Cockburn Stalinists, people I
prefer to call the Burncocks..

You can see the English version of Eldar's screed here:

3. Two Lone Still Voices of Sanity:

4. Peter Beinert's anti-Israel screed has attracted a lot of
attention in recent weeks (see
and )

Well, now the full time professional liberal Paul Krugman has
joined in and tossed his very small weight behind Beinert.

Just who is Krugman? Paul Krugman and I have something in
common. He and I are both economists (with Princeton connections) who
are completely undeserving of getting a Nobel Prize. Yet Krugman got
one, thanks to his many years of service to the Left wing of the
Democrat Party in trashing Bush and the Republicans and helping get
Obama elected. The Nobel committee picked him out and decided to
reward his political loyalty to the Cause. Kind of like Shimon Peres
and Yassir Arafat getting theirs. I have never met an economist who
thinks Krugman did anything academic deserving of a Nobel Prize and
most cannot even point to anything particularly original in Krugman's
academic work. Krugman was badly tarnished for his involvement in the
Enron scandal. ("Enron Follies", Rich Karlgaard, Forbes magazine,
02-13-2002. )

In fact, Krugman long ago gave up pretenses of being an academic
and is simply a full time point-man and Basher of anything non-liberal
for the NYTimes and the rest of the NFM (NFM stands for the Non-Fox
media). Krugman's knowledge of Israel is that he has spent a few days
here a number of times years ago (and in fact I met with him during
several of these). His wife was badly hurt in a car crash in Israel
during one of these, perhaps explaining his animus. He is a
completely assimilated Jewish liberuh who knows little about Israel
and even less about Judaism. You can see his screed against Zionism
in the NY Times here:

Even Tikkun is willing to overlook Krugman's otherwise devotion to
liberal capitalism in order to salute his bashing Israel:

Here are some other commentators on the Krugman shande:

5. Remember when J Street used to be pro-Israel? Well see this:
J Street: In Event of War We Won't Necessarily Support Israel
J Street said that in the event that war broke out involving Israel,
it would not necessarily support the Jewish state.

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