Monday, April 02, 2012

Tenured Booty Grabbers

1. More book burnings from the Left?

A gaggle of tiny far leftist anti-Israel NGOs, funded by
you-knows-who, have filed a petition with Israel's Supreme Court to
prosecute the authors of the controversial book entitled "The Teaching
of the King." The book discusses, among other things, the views of
the authors about when Jewish rabbinic law permits the killing of
non-Jewish non-combatants in battle situations. The caring Left has
long insisted that the book is "racist."

It may well be.

So what? Since when is it prohibited to write and publish racist
books in a democracy? The book shelves are filled with racist books.
No one has demanded that Prof. Shlomo Sand from Tel Aviv University
be prosecuted for writing HIS anti-Semitic book. The "books" of
Norman Finkelstein and Walt-Mearsheimer are sold at Israeli book
stores. Pro-jihadi racist anti-Jewish books are a dime a dozen.
Haaretz and Yediot Ahronot are crawling with anti-Jewish racist
columnists. A Jerusalem Post leftist (since fired) openly endorsed
indiscriminate terrorist murder of Jews. (Larry Derfner, now writing
for the jihadist 972 magazine)

In a democracy it is not against the law to express a racist
sentiment or thought or opinion. If it were, 94% of Americans and
Europeans would be in prison.

These would-be book-burners have no problem with tenured leftists
issuing calls for murder, with Arabs calling for genocide of Jews, but
are the first to demand the indictment and imprisonment for racism of
any rabbi's wife suggesting that Jewish women should date Jewish men
and not Arabs.

2. Special Isracampus Report

Maariv exposes Sexual Misconduct and Predation by Tenured Leftists

Isn't it delicious when leftist academics get nailed for their
sexual misbehavior?

Well, Maariv today (April 2, 2012) runs a special expose of the sexual
molestation of students by faculty members at Israeli universities.
It proclaims Tel Aviv University the country's champion institution
for faculty sexual misbehavior. TAU may also hold the single largest
menagerie of far-leftist tenured faculty members in the country.

The story, in Hebrew only, is here: The
paper also reports how the administrations at Israeli universities try
to stonewall and protect the tenured offenders. The cases range from
inappropriate grabs to outright rape, and cover all manner of pankying
and hankying.

Israel's State Comptroller is currently preparing a detailed report on
the cover-ups and failures of the universities to maintain law and
order among their tenured sexual predators. Maariv ran its own
independent investigation and found that complaints by students of
being sexually molested and harassed by faculty are routinely buried
and shoved under the rugs. In cases where disciplinary hearings are
held, a faculty molester gets judged only by other faculty members,
people having no legal credentials. Among the now famous cases of
molestation discussed in the paper today are that of Eyal ben Ari,
far-leftist anti-Israel sociologist from the Hebrew University, who
was fired because of his behavior, and his colleague Gideon Aran, the
radically anti-Orthodox sociologist from the same department, Ehud
Olmert's brother-in-law, who was ordered to pay compensation to a
woman with whom he had "improper relations."

The paper claims the number of offenses and the number of complaints
from students have been increasing dramatically. While the paper does
not note this, most – if not all – of the offenders are academic

The Hebrew version can be read here:

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