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Nakba Day, meaning Treason Day, at Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv University is determined to out-treason Ben Gurion
University. THAT is the only possible explanation for the fact that
the University will be hosting "Nakba Day" events on the campus this
year, in which Israel's creation and existence will be mourned.

The story first broke in Haaretz' business supplement "Marker," and
even the Haaretz reporter in that piece denounced the university for
the idiocy of holding anti-Israel "Nakba" ceremonies, and called on
the officials of Tel Aviv University to cancel them
( The main mourning ceremony
will be held on the campus mall. It has been approved by the Tel Aviv
University Dean of Students, although many TAU students are reportedly
outraged. It has been announced that an "alternative Yizkor" prayer
will be said by the communist atheists and Islamofascists organizing
the event. On behalf of all the "Palestinians" who died in the attempt
by the Arabs to conduct genocidal ethnic cleansing of Jews in 1948-49.
While a growing number of Western universities prohibit holding such
events on campus facilities because of the fact that "Nakba" events
are nakedly anti-Semitic and pro-terror, Tel Aviv University has no
such scruples. The initiative for the event is by the Israeli
(predominantly Arab) communist party and several small anti-Semitic
far-leftist groups funded by foreign anti-Semites. The university's
decision to allow the event is an open violation of the "Anti-Nakba"
law passed last year by the Knesset. So Tel Aviv University will be
flaunting the rule of law of the very same Knesset that pays 75% of
its operating expenses.

The university is supposedly conditioning holding the event on the
organizers ponying up money to cover the cost of security. But then
the far-leftist anti-democratic "Israel Association for Civil Rights"
got involved and denounced the university for this. This is the same
Association that has never had a single word to say about the
suppression of freedom of speech for Rightists, Kahanists, settlers
and Rabbis.

And it is also not the first time the university campus has been
turned over to the Israeli communist party for purposes of holding
party events. See this:
An incredibly large number of Tel Aviv University professors,
including much of its history department, are members of the communist

Try to imagine a group of students at an American university
asking to hold rallies with large swastikas to protest the inhumane
aggression of the United States against Nazi Germany in 1944, and
devoted to mourning the victory of the US over Hitler. Then imagine
how the rest of the campus and the community would take matters into
hand to deal with such "protesters."

Can't imagine that? Ok, so try this. Imagine a group of Kahanist
students requesting the same Dean of Students and the same officials
at Tel Aviv University to hold a "Population Transfer Day" rally
calling for expulsion and wholesale deportation of Arabs from Israeli
territories. The university would of course lock the campus gates to
prevent it from being held, and perhaps bring in thousands of security
people to prevent it from taking place. The officials would prosecute
the organizers for "racism," would expel them and toss their behinds
out of their dorm rooms faster than you can say Jiminy Cricket. Tel
Aviv University in the past has even prevented controversial
"right-wing" speakers from speaking on campus.

The university, as usual, as palming all this off as "academic
freedom" and protected speech. But TAU has a long history of
selective protection of freedom of speech. When the TAU student union
put up an exhibit protesting human rights abuses in China, the
university officials ordered it shut down lest it offend the Chinese
diplomats in Tel Aviv (see . Years back when
Chabad asked to use classrooms for voluntary weekly meetings of
students interested in studying the Torah portion, the university
refused, saying it was not an appropriate use of campus facilities.
Gulag Days run by the Communist Party though have regularly been held
on campus. See this:
. Recall the petition of far-leftist professors at Tel Aviv
University who demanded that a woman army colonel be barred from
teaching in the campus law school because the leftists dislike her
opinions and army record? "Freedom of speech" at Tel Aviv University
conforms to those in the Stalinist Soviet era.

And the Likud government, with its new lease on life thanks to
its deal with Mofaz and Kadima, has done nothing at all to de-fund the
scofflaws and make Tel Aviv University pay a price for its behavior.

Meanwhile, here is the Isracampus Nomination for Israel's
Stupidest Academic of the Year:

Aeyal Gross (TAU, law) leads the campaign to denounce Israel for
"Pinkwashing", Gross' nonsense word for mentioning the decent
treatment of homosexuals in Israeli society

Gross fears it could lead to Israel being Respected and Admired


Not only is the LGBT community being appropriated, but so are the
Palestinians. Oren claimed in his speech that Israel provide asylum
for LGBT Palestinian organizations that cannot freely operate in the
territories. In reality, Israel has refused to take in LGBT
While the headquarters of two LGBT Palestinian organizations that
operate in both Israel and in the West Bank are located in Israel, the
state does not give them "shelter," and their appropriation for
Israel's propaganda needs is outrageous not only because of the
ongoing oppression of Palestinians in Israel and in the territories,
but also because the appropriation is done in order to divert the
conversation from Palestinian oppression in an attempt to present
Israel as a liberal democracy.

See this news report on TAU's Nakba Day decision:

Want to demand that Tel Aviv University be de-funded?

Write to The Council for Higher Education in Israel
(governmental body that funds and supervises Israeli universities and colleges)
Prof. Manuel Trachtenberg
Chairman, Council on Higher Education
POB 4037, Jerusalem 91040, Israel
Aharon Beit-Halahmi
Planning & Budgeting Committee Chairman
Council for Higher Education
P.O.B. 4037, Jerusalem 91040, Israel
Tel: 02-5679911
Fax: 02-5679969
Other names and emails of Council members can be obtained here:

Send copies of your request to:
President, Professor Joseph Klafter
Tel Aviv University
P.O. Box 39040
Tel Aviv 69978
Tel: 972-3-6408254
Fax: 972-3-6406466
Rector: Prof. Aron Shai
Tel Aviv University
P.O. Box 39040
Tel Aviv 69978
American Friends Offices of Tel Aviv University:
Other "Friends of" Groups:

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