Friday, May 11, 2012

Officials of Tel Aviv University get Caught Lying!

1. Commenting on Obama's sudden endorsement of "gay marriage," which
is actually so unpopular among the general population that it could
cost Obama the election (witness – every state that has voted on
ballot propositions has voted AGAINST it, including three socially
liberal ones -California, Maine and Oregon - and North Carolina, which
Obama carried in 2008, did so just this week by a vote of 61% to 39%),
James Taranto in the Wall Street Journal writes:

Victory has a thousand fathers, as John F. Kennedy observed, but
defeat has two mommies.


2. Eureka. Friends, I think I have found a cure for Islamofascism!
All we need to do is find 71 more exactly like this:

3. Israel's Left is aghast. Netanyahu managed to snooker them and
wangled for himself a new national unity coalition, which will last
another 18 months or so. By announcing elections in September, he
stampeded what is left of the Kadima Party into joining his coalition
because Kadima faces obliteration in any new election. The Left is
soiling itself in rage. How dare Netanyahu and Mofaz (chief of Kadima
now) dare do such a "dirty trick." Mofaz had sworn on his grandmother
just 3 days before joining the coalition that he would not do so!

Dirty tricks say you? Well, these are the very same leftists he
orchestrated and celebrated the most infamous "dirty trick" in Israeli
history when Shimon Peres undercut a national unity coalition
involving the Likud and Labor in 1990, much to the chagrin of Yitzhak
Rabin by the way, to set up his own Labor-led government with some
religious parties. Rabin dubbed the attempt by Peres, which failed,
the "Stinky Trick." Of course, Rabin and Peres later had their own
stinky trick when they passed one of the Oslo accords with the Arab
fascist parties only thanks to bribing two members of Raful's
rightwing party to cross ideological lines in exchange for payoffs.

4. Freedom of speech in Israel? Not for non-leftists.

In recent days the rightwing Knesset Member Michael Ben-Ari
(National Union Party - produced and
distributed leaflets protesting the rulings of Israel's
anti-democratic Supreme Court judges, who ordered the government to
evict some settlers from their homes while refusing to order similar
evictions of Negev Bedouins form land son which they are illegally
squatting and do not own. Ban-Ari's leaflets show the justices
involved wearing Arab kaffiya head-scarves.
The director general of Israel's court administration then
petitioned the Attorney General to prosecute Ben-Ari for "incitement."
In Israel the word "incitement" refers to any opinion with which the
radical Left disagrees. The McCarthyist director general claims one
may not express criticism of the politics or rulings of any judge in
Israel, kind of like in Stalin's Soviet Union.

Ben-Ari has parliamentary immunity in any case. But the very fact
that a head of the judiciary initiates prosecution of someone for
expressing a political opinion about the political opinion of some
other public figures, in this case judges, illustrates wonderfully how
anti-democratic is the Israeli Left and how poorly protected is
freedom of speech in Israel.

5. Worth reading: Sam Sokol on the "Nakba":

6. The heads of Tel Aviv University have been nailing for lying to
the public. They were trying to defuse the worldwide wave of rage at
them over the decision to hold "Nakba Day" events on the TAU campus,
mourning the creation and existence of Israel. Hey, we have no say
over this, the PR Spin doctors for TAU are now saying, because the
Nakba Day "protest" is to be held outside the campus, where we have no

Except that the Nakba Day event is to be held ON THE CAMPUS, in
Antin Square, which is campus property, right next to the main entry
gate. It lies outside the main TAU campus fence on Haim Levanon
Street but it is unambiguously campus property, where no one can even
hand out leaflets or sell Pepsi without campus permission. That is
why the Dean of Students was asked and had to approve this Nakba
atrocity, which he did approve, and that is why the university asked
the organizers of it to pony up cash to pay for the presence of campus
security personnel there. If it were really in a public space, none
of that would be required.

So in short the PR people and officials of Tel Aviv University
have been caught with their pants on fire!

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