Monday, May 07, 2012

Rare Common Sense

1. Common sense is such an unusual occurrence among leftists that on
the rare occasion that it is observed, it is worth noting.

Carlo Strenger is a radical leftist moonbat from Tel Aviv University's
psychology department. He has a long history of idiotic
pronouncements, such as this:

On the other hand, he is somewhat less extreme that most of the
anti-Israel ultras and Communist Party members who teach at Tel Aviv
University. And this week he had a remarkable Op-Ed in Haaretz that
actually contained common sense. It can be read (Hebrew only) at .

There Strenger advises the Israeli Left that it has a serious problem.
There is no way the Left can hope to gain power or increase its
standing as long as the only thing it offers the Israeli public is a
duplication of what was done with the Gaza Strip applied to the West
Bank. The Left was punished by the voter, he claims, because it told
the voter that Israel had to appease the Palestinians lest Israel lose
its "peace partner." But Israeli voters understand that a repeat of
what was done in Gaza will just result in rockets raining down on
Israeli cities from the West Bank. He cites the head of the Hamas as
saying in an interview with "Forward" that he regards the Protocols of
the Elders of Zion as a true historic document and would regard any
"peace accord" signed by the Palestinian Authority to be nothing but a
transient ceasefire. Strenger advises the Left to pay attention to
how the Israeli public regards the Hamas and what it thinks when it
hears leftist calls for making concessions to it. He tells the Left
that it hurts the Left when it preaches that Israel has to return to
its 1967 borders or else all democracy in Israel will be destroyed.
This is self-defeating for the Left. The best the Left can do is to
advocate "in between" plans that do not involve the extreme "solution"
of immediate withdrawal from the entire West Bank.

Now of course nothing that Strenger says here is news for anyone over
the age of 14 and having a non-negative IQ. As my kids would say,
well DUH. But it IS news when a leftist says such things and exhibits
such rare common sense.

And I particularly liked his formulation when he said that all the
Left is currently offering the Israeli voter is a repeat of the
abandonment of Gaza and the conversion of the West Bank into a rocket
base for attacking Israel, and that the voter understands that this is
all the Left offers.

2. 'Haaretz' vs the Jews
Haaretz, the Palestinian newspaper printed in Hebrew, is the enemy of
Jews, says Martin Sherman
(a must read)

3. Haggai Amir, the brother of assassin Yigal Amir, the murderer of
Rabin, was released from prison this week. He had done 16.5 years in
prison for his role in abetting the murder, much much longer than any
Arab terrorist does for the crime of abetting murder, and longer than
most terrorists serve even for murder itself.

Two fast comments. First, the Left is aghast and numerous politicians
are expressing their disgust at the fact that Amir's family and
friends held celebrations for him and for his release. This would be
fair enough if these same people had ever had a single word to say
about the cheers, hoozahs, celebrations and fireworks in the
festivities conducted by Arabs and Jewish Leftists, including
professors at Tel Aviv University (see this: ), every single time an
Arab mass murderer is released by Israel. And I do not mean Arab
abetters of murder but Arabs who have perpetrated serial murder.

The other comment is this. The conspiracy nuts, the Israeli analogues
to the 911-"Truther" Neo-Nazis and maniacs in the US, had been betting
the farm on Haggai Amir emerging from prison and providing "evidence"
to back their "theories" that Yigal Amir was actually innocent, a mere
"patsy" who supposedly fired blanks (probably the most idiotic part of
their "theories") and that the Amirs were framed by the Shin Bet to
disguise the fact that it and Shimon Peres really murdered Yitzhak
Rabin. These are the "theories" of Barry Chamish, UFO chaser and
collaborator with Holocaust Deniers everywhere, and the handful of
copycats who make similar allegations. Well, these critters became
even bigger laughstocks than they had been previously, when Haggai
Amir went free but, speaking freely and interviewed by the media,
failed to utter a single word that could be thought to grant credence
to their nonsense and fictions.

4. The Two Lefts:
(see also the talkback comments)

5. There is no such thing as a two-state "solution":

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