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Tel Aviv University’s Daniel Bar-Tal (educational psychology) is Collaborator with Norway’s leading Neo-Nazi

1. Special Isracampus Report

Tel Aviv University's Daniel Bar-Tal (educational psychology) is
Collaborator with Norway's leading Neo-Nazi
By Steven Plaut

Johan Galtung is the Norwegian Marxist sociologist and
anti-Semitic moonbat who was in the headlines recently. Marxist
sociologists are the lowest life-form on the planet, considerably
inferior to bacteria. Galtung hates America and "capitalism" and is a
self-proclaimed admirer of Castro. He also claims that "Zionists"
were behind the massacre of Norwegian teenagers carried out last year
by the deranged Norwegian Neo-Nazi Anders Breivik. Galtung claims the
Israeli Mossad was behind the massacre. His evidence? Jews are
bloodthirsty murderers and the Norwegian Neo-Nazi was a bloodthirsty
murderer, so obviously there must be a connection!

Galtung also insists that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is
a true historic documentation of the global Jewish cabal. He is so
openly anti-Semitic that even Haaretz, the Palestinian newspaper
printed in Hebrew, came out with a strong denunciation of Galtung,
which you can read in English here:
Galtung also claims that Jews control the world's media. In short,
Galtung is the worst Nazi and worst anti-Semite to emerge from Norway
since Quisling, and might even be worse than Quisling.

Now as it turns out, the Nazi Galtung has carried on a long-term
collaboration with one of the worst Jewish haters of Israel inside
Israeli academia.
Daniel Bar-Tal is an "expert" in "peace education" (meaning
leftist indoctrination) at Tel Aviv University in the Department of
Educational Psychology. Bar-Tal is a radical Marxist anti-Zionist who
insists that the real obstacle to ending the Middle East conflict is
Zionism (see this expose of him:
). This may be the best representative citation of his views:
'Holding such a Zionist narrative serves as an obstacle to peace
since it promotes negative emotions, mistrust, de-legitimization and
negative stereotypes of Arabs and Palestinians.'
From Article Press Release – Columbia University (Internet) April 6, 2009
Bar-Tal is radically anti-democratic and has issued calls for the
suppression and silencing of critics of the anti-Israel Left in Israel
. He is best known for churning out anti-Jewish propaganda for UN
agencies and similar outfits, in particular in his screeds falsely
claiming that Israeli textbooks are "racist" and portray Arabs in a
negative way (see and . He has
never had much interest in Palestinian textbooks that portray Jews
pretty much the same way they were portrayed in Nazi Germany. He
yearns to see Israel defeated
) He is so openly anti-Israel that Tikkun sometimes runs his screeds

As you can see on this web page, Bar-Tal and Galtung collaborated
on a "panel" sponsored by the so-called "Palestine Israel-Journal," an
anti-Israel "journal" run by Palestinian terrorists and some leftist
Israeli Jewish fellow travelers. The web page is at At the same event Tel Aviv
University's Amal Jamal spoke, a radical anti-Israel extremist Druse
) – he has since then served as the head of the political science
department at Tel Aviv University. This does not appear to be the
only collaboration between the two anti-Semites. There are references
to other collaborations in the internet. Bar-Tal and Galtung are both
considered leading lights in "peace education," that pseudo-discipline
in which students in education schools are subjected to North Korean
style re-education into the Left's radical ideology. The duo like to
cite one another (for example, ),
sometimes contribute essays to the same volumes, and Galtung's
"writings" are assigned by Bar-Tal to his students in his classes.

Galtung did not suddenly become an anti-Semite this year. In a
1971 article "The Middle East and Theory of Conflict, published in his
flagship Journal of Peace Research, Galtung stated, "Israel was
conceived in sin, born in sin and grew up in sin." He described the
Balfour Declaration (and the UN Partition Proposal) as one of "the
most tragic mistakes of recent history," and he blamed Israel for
starting and perpetuating the conflict. Galtung has been churning out
anti-Semitic diatribes for decades, but this has never troubled his
collaborator Daniel Bar-Tal much. Curiously, Bar-Tal's choice of
chums and collaborators also does not seem to trouble Tel Aviv
University officials much either.

Want to ask them why? You can complain to:
President, Professor Joseph Klafter
Tel Aviv University
P.O. Box 39040
Tel Aviv 69978
Tel: 972-3-6408254
Fax: 972-3-6406466
Rector: Prof. Aron Shai
Tel Aviv University
P.O. Box 39040
Tel Aviv 69978
American Friends Offices of Tel Aviv University:
Other "Friends of" Groups:

2. A cute story:

In 1954, when Ben Gurion was prime minister, he traveled to the USA
to meet with President Eisenhower to request his assistance and
support in the early and difficult days of the State of Israel. John
Foster Dulles who was the then secretary of state confronted Ben
Gurion and challenged him as follows:
"Tell me, Mr. Prime Minister – who do you and your state represent?
Does it represent the Jews of Poland, perhaps Yemen, Romania, Morocco,
Iraq, Russia or perhaps Brazil? After 2000 years of exile can you
honestly speak about a single nation, a single culture? Can you speak
about a single heritage or perhaps a single Jewish tradition?"
Ben Gurion answered him as follows:
"Look, Mr Secretary of State – approximately 300 years ago the
Mayflower set sail from England and on it were the first settlers who
settled in what would become the largest democratic superpower known
as the United States of America. Now, do me a favor - go out into the
streets and find 10 American children and ask them the following:
• What was the name of the Captain of the Mayflower?
• How long did the voyage take?
• What did the people who were on the ship eat?
• What were the conditions of sailing during the voyage?
I'm sure you would agree with me that there is a good chance that you
won't get a good answer to these questions.
Now in contrast – not 300 but more than 3000 years ago, the Jews left
the land of Egypt. I would kindly request from you Mr. Secretary that
on one of your trips around the world, try and meet 10 Jewish children
in different countries. And ask them:
• What was the name of the leader who took the Jews out of Egypt?
• How long did it take them before they got to the land of Israel?
• What did they eat during the period when they were wondering
in the desert?
• And what happened to the sea when they encountered it
Once you get the answers to these questions, please carefully consider
the question that you have just asked me!"

3. April 29, 2012
Mainstream Jews Ignore Antisemitism on the Left
By Matthew M. Hausman
How many times must the political left slander Israel and malign
Jewish values before American Jews finally admit that it is
fundamentally antisemitic? Evidence of Jew-hatred on the left
abounds, and yet liberals often deny its existence or, worse,
rationalize it as a response to Jewish particularism. Then there are
those Jews who peddle hateful anti-Israel rhetoric themselves and who
serve to shield their radical compatriots from accusations of bigotry.
Progressive extremists disparage Israel in the vilest terms and
support Islamists who preach genocide, but deny charges of
antisemitism by pointing to leftist Jews who do the same. How can
they be antisemitic, they ask, when even some Jews denigrate Israel
and support the Palestinians? Unfortunately, many liberals fail to
see the nuanced disingenuity of the question and, thereby, excuse
radical hatred through ignorance or naiveté. Nowhere is this more
apparent than in the trivialization of reported antisemitism within
Occupy Wall Street ("OWS").

The movement since its beginning has attracted left-wing activists,
some of whom accuse Jews of controlling American foreign policy,
dominating the world economy, and enforcing apartheid in Israel.
Supporters in public parks and on college campuses promote boycott,
divestment and sanctions ("BDS") initiatives, which are inherently
antisemitic, and attribute to the mythologized "Jewish Lobby" a
nefarious agenda lifted straight from the fraudulent "Protocols of the
Elders of Zion."
There is photographic evidence aplenty of signs bearing slogans like,
"Occupy Wall Street not Palestine,"
"Google Zionists: Control Wall Street,"
(, and "Nazi Bankers
Wall Street," (,
from New York's Zuccotti Park; or "Humanity vs. the Rothschilds" and
"It's Yom Kippur, Banks should Atone!" from Occupy LA
Likewise, there are many videos of protestors engaging in hate
speech, including those at Occupy LA railing against "masonic and
Jewish bankers" and accusing "Zionists and Jews" of controlling the
Federal Reserve
those at Occupy D.C. proclaiming that "criminal Zionists" and "Jews
with Israeli citizenship" run the U.S. government
(; and those in Zuccotti
Park claiming that Barack Obama is "in the pocket" of Israel and the
Jews. (This latter accusation – laughable given the president's
disgraceful treatment of Israel since his first days in office – shows
the delusional depths of radical Jew-hatred.)
During the 2010 midterm elections, the mainstream media gleefully
accused the Tea Party of racism because of the fringe views of some of
its right-wing gatecrashers, even though the movement's hierarchy
denounced these extremists and took constructive efforts to expel
them. Still, network and cable news stations continued to report
racist attacks despite a lack of credible evidence or corroboration
from the alleged victims. The press felt no shame in branding that
movement "racist" despite the swift denunciations by its leadership of
any manifestations of racist extremism and scanty proof of
institutional prejudice.
In a display of hypocrisy that highlights its partisan bias, however,
the media has refused to criticize the Occupy movement for antisemitic
outbursts observed at its protests. Such occurrences, when discussed
at all, are described as isolated incidents unrelated to the
movement's mission. But a growing body of video and photo evidence
suggests these incidents are neither rare nor isolated. If such
attacks had occurred with the same frequency at Tea Party rallies,
there would have been no end to the media's criticism – and rightly
so. Why then is such conduct virtually ignored when it occurs at OWS
As with the mainstream media, Jewish establishment organizations have
been reluctant to criticize the movement for creating an environment
in which "progressive" antisemites seem welcome and comfortable.
Given their visibility at OWS protests, it is difficult to accept the
facile explanation that the movement has no anti-Jewish bias, but that
it simply cannot control all of its supporters' conduct. The
sophistry in such reasoning is exposed by the growing presence in the
Occupy camp of groups such as the radical Islamic Circle of North
America ("ICNA") and the Muslim-American Society, which is related to
the Muslim Brotherhood.
The media depicts Occupy Wall Street rather benignly as the Tea
Party's liberal counterpart, ignoring that the latter group is
coordinated to work through the electoral process, not to disrupt
society. While the liberal Jewish establishment often chastises the
Tea Party, it says little about conspicuous antisemitism at OWS
rallies, and groups like the Anti-Defamation League have even vouched
for the movement's integrity. In a letter to the Wall Street Journal
on February 27, 2012, Abe Foxman had this to say about antisemitism
within the movement:

[W]e found that while there were occasional displays of anti-Semitism
among some individual participants, there was no evidence that these
anti-Semitic conspiracy theories were representative of the larger
movement, or that they were gaining traction with other participants.
One is left to wonder if the study sample evaluated by ADL was too
small or whether its conclusions were influenced by political
A more sobering analysis was offered by the Investigative Project on
Terrorism, which found that Islamic groups with radical ties have
insinuated themselves on Occupy Wall Street, and that anti-Israel
activity is increasingly visible. (This report can be accessed at
The Project reported, for example, how a group of 20 Occupy Boston
protestors overtook the lobby of the Israeli Consulate last November,
chanting anti-Israel slogans, such as "Viva Palestina," and "hey, hey,
ho ho, Israeli apartheid has got to go!" Considering that Israel has
never practiced apartheid, and that "Viva Palestina" has been linked
to Hamas – a terror organization whose sole purpose is to destroy
Israel and exterminate Jews – their trespass and sloganeering cannot
be characterized as constructive political speech. Moreover, if
Occupy's primary concern is economic inequality, even legitimate
criticism of Israel would not be germane to the cause.
Such incidents are not isolated, and anti-Jewish sentiment seems
ubiquitous. Moreover, it appears that the anti-Israel left has
attempted to merge its agenda with that of OWS. As observed by Daniel
Sieradski, a Jewish supporter of the Occupy movement:
"Worse yet, there have been attempts to push Zionists out of the
movement by claiming their support for Israel's mere existence is
fundamentally racist and as such, they should not be part of any
serious social justice movement. I find such actions deeply offensive.
Insisting that I or anyone else pass a litmus test requiring the
rejection of Israel's existence so that I can protest the fact that my
parents are in bankruptcy and foreclosure — which is actually what
these protests are supposed to be about and which is why I got
involved with them — is obnoxious and infuriating."
(The full quote appears in, an on-line National
Jewish Student Magazine, at These attempts,
though "obnoxious and infuriating" to some, should surprise nobody in
view of the hard left's history of effrontery and cooption. One need
only recall how the Iraq War protests were usurped by left-wing Israel
bashers and antisemites – and how moderate liberal Jews were forced
out – to see that the infiltration of OWS fits a pattern.
One might question whether OWS is doctrinally biased against Jewish
interests and national claims, or is guilty only of creating an
environment that attracts Jew-haters and conspiracy theorists. But
this question presumes a distinction without a difference; it would
not even be asked if such bigoted misanthropes were found at
conservative events. The mere fact that hateful zealots feel
comfortable enough to participate in OWS without fear of moral
reprisal would seem to betray the movement's natural affinity for
extremists from its end of the political spectrum. Their continued
participation in OWS implies acceptance, regardless of any
organizational attempts at disavowal.
Numerous websites purport to represent the movement, including that of
the New York City General Assembly ("NYCGA"), which describes itself
"The NYC General Assembly is composed of dozens of groups working
together to organize and set the vision for the #occupywallstreet
movement. This is our official website."
( This website contains a number of
features and links to various working groups, including the "Occupy
Wall Street Global Justice Group," whose agenda regarding Israel can
be inferred from this post, entitled, "No More Tears!" which appeared
on March 30, 2012:
No More Tears! – Land Day Arabic edition of our tear gas comic
Palestinian Land Day was initiated in 1976 after Israeli forces shot
and killed six Palestinian citizens of Israel and injured many more in
an attempt to crush (with tear gas, among other weapons) popular
protest against the ongoing theft of Palestinian-owned land. On Land
Day 2012, also the global day of action for Boycott, Divestment, and
Sanctions (BDS), the Global Justice working group is pleased to share
the War Resisters League's Arabic translation of our tear gas comic,
with a special preface for Land Day.
This statement clearly advances the libel that Israel has stolen
"Palestinian land," and evidences acceptance of the revisionist
Palestinian narrative concocted in the late 1960s and premised on a
repudiation of Jewish history. Just as clearly, it indicates support
for the anti-Israel BDS movement, which presumes the truth of the
Palestinian creation myth and the illegitimacy of ancient, verifiable
and irrefutable Jewish historical claims.
This website also contains meeting minutes that show a perverse
fascination with AIPAC….

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