Monday, May 14, 2012

Threats or Threat Fabrications?

1. It seems that Israel's radical anti-Israel "academics" have a new
tactic. A series of them pretend to be "victims" of threats. (A
different series, including an "academic" at Ben Gurion University,
keep issuing death threats to murder non-leftists!) You may recall
that anti-Semite Neve Gordon ran to the police a couple of years ago
with the claim that he had received a "death threat." What he then
showed was a note in a child's hand – which you can see here
It says "I will tell Ben Gurion to kill you, signed Im Tirtzu." Not
clear if it means Ben Gurion University, since Ben Gurion himself is

Some death threat! In any case, there was reason to believe that
Gordon himself invented it or asked a 10 year old to scribble it out
for him so he could clame Im Tirtzu. Why do I say that? Because
during Gordon's fascist SLAPP suit harassment against me he also filed
a false police complaint against me that I was supposedly threatening
him, this after he got an email letter from Italy insulting him. The
police dismissed it with mirth. So there is precedent for believing
that Gordon invented this "threat" as well.

Well, now the latest academic anti-Semite to report a "death
threat" is Shlomo Sand, the Stalinist pseudo-historian who took his
expertise on the French cinema and decided to use it to write a "book"
claiming that modern Jews are simply converted Turks and other pagans
and that all real Jews became Palestinian Arabs. He also claims the
Jews were never a "people," you know – unlike the ancient Palestinian
Arab nationality. Much of Sand's "thesis" consists of myths taken
from Neo-Nazi web sites and recycled. Ronen Shoval, head of Im
Tirtzu, writing in Haaretz (Hebrew accuses Sand of being an
accomplice of Holocaust Deniers. He says that Sand uses the same
"methodologies' as Holocaust Deniers and seeks to adopt the ideas of
Holocaust Deniers in order to delegitimize Israel and bring about its

And then all of a sudden Sand claims to have gotten a "death
threat." The evidence is that he says he got one. He claims he got
a note with some talcum powder in it sent to him and threatening him.
The news report on this from Haaretz appears below.

Well, I personally do not believe a word of it. Sand, who has a
book called "The Invention of the Jewish People" could plausibly
himself be "The Inventor of the Talcum Powder Threat." There is also
the possibility that a critic sent Sand talcum powder as a sort of
editorial comment of Sand's diaper rash.

Here is the Haaretz report:

Police investigating death threat, white powder sent to Tel Aviv University

Prof. Shlomo Sand, author of 'The Invention of the Land of Israel'
says letter calls him 'anti-Semite, Nazi'.
By Talila Nesher | May.13, 2012 | 9:50 PM

Prof. Shlomo Sand, a Tel Aviv University history professor, said
Sunday that he had received an envelope containing white powder and a
letter that included death threats.
In the letter, which was received by the secretary of the university's
Department of History, the professor was accused of being an
"anti-Semitic," among other things. The letter also threatened Sand
that he would "not live much longer."
In a conversation with Haaretz, Sand said, "I opened a series of
letters as usual, and then all of a sudden a white cloud jumped out. I
was shocked that the powder got on to my hands and threw down the
letter. It's been brought to the attention of the security officer and
the police sent a squad car to the site and the substance was taken
for a test."
Sand, who intends on filing a complaint with Israel Police on Monday,
said he was concerned after having received the letter. "They wrote
that I'm an anti-Semite, Nazi, that my time will come. It's a very
unpleasant feeling," he said.
The history professor said it was possible that his new book, " The
Invention of the Land of Israel: From Holy Land to Homeland," might
have been what caused someone to send him the letter. "Four years ago,
when I published my previous book, 'The Invention of the Jewish
People,' there were fewer crazy people than there are today," Sand
told Haaretz.
Throughout the day, the police examined the substance and discovered
it was not of a chemical nature. The police also opened an
investigation into the case.
In Sand's book on the Jewish people, the author attempts to prove that
the Jews now living in Israel and other places in the world are not at
all descendants of the ancient people who inhabited the Kingdom of
Judea during the First and Second Temple period. Their origins,
according to him, are in varied peoples that converted to Judaism
during the course of history, in different corners of the
Mediterranean Basin and the adjacent regions. Not only are the North
African Jews for the most part descendants of pagans who converted to
Judaism, but so are the Jews of
Yemen and the Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern Europe.

2. The Soros team vs. kosher food:

3. Suggestion for Tel Aviv University, from Steven Plaut

Gents: Since you have decided to approve a Nakba Day event on campus
property to mourn the creation and existence of Israel and to demand
the recognition of the "Palestinian Right of Return," I would like to
suggest that you show us the courage of your convictions. After all,
this week is also the exact date of another tragic event in history,
the defeat of another national struggle for self-determination and
human rights.

That is right, this week is the anniversary of the Tragischer Tag,
the Tragic Day, the date in which the great tragedy of the German
people took place, in which Hitler was defeated and the Reich was
overrun and its independence lost. The British and American
aggressors and their allies and accomplices won their imperialist war
and carried out a terrible ethnic cleansing of the Volkdeutsch, just
as the Jews carried out ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in the Nakba
that Tel Aviv University is about to commemorate. Moreover, the
Germans evicted en masse by the millions from their homes in Central
and Eastern Europe have never been granted their inalienable "Right of
Return" to their homelands.

SO why should not Tel Aviv University ALSO approve the holding of
a Tragischer Day mourning event in Antine Square, smack on campus
property (even though Tel Aviv University spin PR people have been
trying to lie to people and claim it is not campus property!).
Indeed, since most of the same people who will be holding Nakba Day
will also want to participate in Tragischer Day, maybe the two events
can be held together, together with PLO flags and swastikas. I am
sure the communist atheists and the Islamofascists who plan to say a
special "alternative Yizkor Prayer" at the Nakda Day event can also
say one for the German victims of ethnic cleansing and aggression.
Can there be any doubt that many faculty members from Tel Aviv
University, including most of the departments of history, psychology
department, linguistics, political science, sociology, and law will be
interested in attending both events.

4. David Newman (AKA Neve Gordon Lite), the anti-Israel leftist
McCarthyist from Ben Gurion University who produced an anti-Semitic
"documentary" for British television, a notorious enemy of freedom of
speech, has a hysterical McCarthyist article in the Jerusalem Post for
a change,,
in which he writes:

"In recent years, spurred on by extremist right-wing groups, members
of the Boards of Governors have also become increasingly involved in
the political debate surrounding Israeli universities and their
academic staff. Many of them have blindly supported the false
assertions of well-oiled and funded groups, such as Im Tirtzu, NGO
Monitor, IsraCampus and Academic Monitor, that the universities have
become hotbeds of 'anti-Zionism' without ever bothering to check the
facts on the ground."

Well oiled and funded, he said? Once again Newman proves what sort
of "scholar" he is and what sort of academic standards exist at Ben
Gurion "University." Newman by the way is on the board of Tikkun
magazine, which I guess passes for a learned academic journal these
days at Ben Gurion "University."

5. Here is a thought. Obama's sudden endorsement of "gay marriage"
is likely to alienate many of Obama's key constituencies. Hispanics,
blacks, and Moslems are notoriously anti-homosexual. If Obama's
posturing loses him significant support, this could be pink lace
curtains for him! Indeed, the only solid Obama constituency that
will approve of his endorsement of "gay marriage" will be the
non-Orthodox Jews, you know – the same people who claim they practice
the ethics of the religion that

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