Friday, July 27, 2012

Israeli Know-how in Action

I realize this sounds like a spoof but it is for real. You can see
the actual nes article here:

Israeli high-tech and scientific innovation has just won yet another
achievement, by being chosen by the "Gates Foundation" as its
contractor to develop special high-tech toilets for use in the Third

No joke!

The Gates foundation, as in Bill Gates, has allotted enormous amounts
of money to resolve the sanitation problems of the poorest countries
in teh Third World. The biggest health challenge for many of these
countries is acquiring functional toilets. This is especially true in
the very dry countries. In any case, in much of the Third World there
are no sewer lines, so you can see the problem. The Israeli invention
needs no sewer lines, water or eletricity.

Here is an excerpt from the news story:

Revolutionary Israeli toilet gets Gates Foundation grant Earmarked for
homes in developing nations, the device needs no water and generates
its own power to turn waste into sterile, odorless compost.
By Abigail Klein Leichman July 23, 2012, No Comments
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An Israeli-invented toilet that needs no water and leaves no waste
caught the interest of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which
awarded parent company Paulee CleanTec $110,000 "to create next
generation sanitation technology to help make sanitation services
truly safe and sustainable for the poor."

"We are one of only very, very few Israeli companies that have
received any grants from this foundation," points out Oded Halperin,
one of the company's original investors.

The toilet is based on the same principle as the high-tech
pooper-scooper featured on ISRAEL21c last October.

Invented by renowned Hebrew University biotech innovator Prof. Oded
Shoseyov based on an idea Halperin thought up, the device gathers
droppings and turns them into odorless, sterile powder within seconds
after the dog-walker pushes a button to release an activation capsule
from the cartridge inside the unit. The resulting powder is a fertile
composting material.

Earmarked for developing countries by the Gates Foundation, the toilet
will go a step further.

(see the link above for the rest of the story)

I just have one quibble here.

As you see, the invention is being touted thanks to the fact that it
spurns use of water and turns human waste into sterile, odorless

So I think you will agree with me that the product is misnamed.
Instead of the "Pooper Scooper," should it not be marketed worldwide
under the product name, "The Academic Leftist"??

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