Thursday, July 05, 2012

Scot Free Spies and Pirate Sorority Sisters

1. And so once again Israel's dual justice system strikes! The
judicial Left and the leftist Attorney General's offices continue to
grovel before their ideological masters and mentors. Uri Blau, the
Haaretz reporter who was involved in the Anat Kamm espionage affair,
will not be going to jail. Clean as a hound's tooth.

You recall that the leftist Tel Aviv University student Anat Kamm
stole thousands of classified documents from the military and passed
them on to her chum Uri Blau, a far-leftist who churns out articles
for Haaretz bashing those who criticize the Far Left. The Attorney
General is going to let him go scot free in exchange for 4 months of
sipping espresso as "community service." Blau and Kamm should in fact
have been indicted for espionage and treason.

But it is not as if they were guilty of expressing a thought in which
a leftist politician was criticized or anything, in which case they
could have been indicted for insulting a public servant. It is not as
if they recommended to someone to read a controversial book about
Rabbinic law, which would have gotten them indicted for racism. No,
all they did was attempt to violate Israel's national security:,7340,L-4251753,00.html

2. Israel's Ivory Cartel has struck again. The ivory cartel is the
academic OPEC of Israel, in which the seven universities divvy up the
loot allotted by the government for higher education amongst
themselves. I suggested years ago they should dress up like pirates
emptying the treasure chest while doing so.

The Ivory Cartel, also known as the Council on Higher Education, also
known as the academic Kremlin, just voted to block Ariel College from
gaining full university status. Why? Because the college is in the
West Bank! And because any shekel granted to it as a university
would mean one less shekel for the pirates.

The tenured Left has been demanding that Ariel be boycotted and not
granted university status regardless of its academic quality and
achievements. In many ways it is a better university than Ben Gurion
University. Some of the more interesting engineering innovations
coming out of Israel were developed there. Now the heads of the seven
sisters, the seven universities sharing the loot in Israel, have come
out against Ariel being admitted into their sorority.

Knesset members from the "Right" are already proposing a law that
would bypass and neutralize the cartel and allow Ariel to gain fiscal
parity with the pirates.

3. As you may recall, my guess was that the vulgar graffiti placed on
the walls of Israel's Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial was put there by
leftists, not by the ultra-Orthodox vandals the media were universally
accusing. Well, I was wrong. Three mentally defective "Chareidim"
(ultra-Orthodox) evidently were involved. Mental illness, you see, is
not restricted to radical secularist leftists in Israel.

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