Friday, August 10, 2012

Hiroshima Week Comment

This past week the world commemorated the dropping of the atomic bombs
on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The following was posted in 2005, 7 years
ago, during the similar week:

Counterpunch Discovers Terrorism
by Steven Plaut

Posted Wednesday 3 August 2005
Counterpunch has been the leading American web magazine supporting
most forms of terror. But all of a sudden it runs a piece denouncing
the "Worst Terror Attacks in History" by one Norm Dixon.

The worst terror attacks? At Counterpunch, then No, of course not
9-11! Maybe the Red Terror that left tens of millions dead? No,
grasshopper, not in a magazine operated by Alexander Cockburn, son of
a communist agent and hater of all things American (who died a few
days ago -- SP).

So what were the world's worst terrorist attacks? The US bombings of
Hiroshima and Nagasaki, of course. The only thing that upsets Dixon
and his Counterpunch publishers about 9-11 is that American
"warmongers" are "exploiting" it to do evil.

Now the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were among the most humane
acts in human history. They saved many millions of Japanese civilian
lives, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of lives of Allied
soldiers, which were about to be lost in the invasion of the Japanese
main islands. I believe that all Asians, especially Japanese, should
celebrate the saving of those lives by having parties and picnics on
Hiroshima Day. I can think of no other pair of events that saved so
many human lives.

The Far Left has always claimed that the US dropped those bombs out of
sheer cussedness and racism. That is because the Left cares nothing
about hundreds of thousands of dead Allied troops. After all, most of
them were white!

Dixon cites the lunabrit leftist New Scientist magazine as saying how
two historians now claim that "the US decision to drop atomic bombs on
Hiroshima and Nagasaki was meant to kick-start the Cold War [against
the Soviet Union, Washington's war-time ally] rather than end the
Second World War.' Some other pro-terror Bash-America professors
agree. Gosh, how persuasive.

Dixon also cites Truman's chief of staff, Admiral William Leahy, as
having written in his memoirs that "The Japanese were already defeated
and ready to surrender.' And so the bombs were not necessary.
Someone just forgot to tell the Japanese high command at the time, who
were still convinced that inflicting large losses on the Allied forces
would lead to a military stalemate or victory for Japan. The
Islamofascist kamikazis are not the only kamikazi protesters against
occupation that the Left loves.

The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki killed far, far fewer people
than did the bombings of Tokyo and German cities using conventional
weapons. Or does Dixon consider those events terrorist attacks as
well? We are pretty sure the German invasion of Czechoslovakia would
be considered - by the thinkers at Counterpunch - to be legitimate
defense against occupation.

So who is this Dixon clown anyhow? He spends most of his time writing
pro-terror and anti-American articles for the Australian web rag
"Green Left Weekly." It is a communist magazine that features on its
cover a cartoon of Che Guevara. It also runs the Swedish Holocaust
Denier neo-nazi who calls himself "Israel Shamir." John Pilger raises
cash for it, so need we say more?

No, Dixon sees nothing inconsistent in his failure to write against
the terror operated by the totalitarians in Cuba who still wave Che
Guevare banners. In fact, the "Weekly" runs weekly toady pieces
singing the praises of the Cuban Gulag. It also supports the
Ba'athists in Iraq who like to remove heads of Western civilians.

In "Green Left Weekly" he has written articles celebrating the
pro-terror International Solidarity Movement, accomplices of
Palestinian terrorists. He has crayoned numerous pieces about how
Africa is poor because white Westerners are racists. So, I guess,
cheering Japanese imperialist aggressors and defending them against
American occupiers is entirely consistent for Alexander Cockburn's
newest recruit.

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