Saturday, August 25, 2012


I can't resist occassionally introducing you to some of the best in
Israeli music. Allow me to introduce you to Shlomo Bar and his
amazing song about his native village in the Atlas mountains of
Morocco. The melody has become so popular in Israel that many
synagogues have adopted it and incorporated in in prayers (Ashkenazi
and Sephardic).

First, read the lyrics (in English translation):


Here in the village of Todra
in the heart of the Atlas mountains

They would take the child
that reached the age of five

They would put a crown of flowers on his head
in our village of Todra

A crown would be put on his head
when he reached the age of five.
All the children in the street
would put on a party for him
When he turned five
in our village of Todra

Then the "groom of the celebration"
(who turned five
in our village of Todra)
would be taken to the synagogue

The alphabet would be written
on a wooden board in honey
from A to Z (aleph to taf)

All the honeyed letters would call to him:
"lick us, friend"
So the torah in his mouth would be as sweet
as the taste of honey

In our village Todra that is in the Atlas mountains.

You can see Shlomo Bar himself perform the song here:

For a haunting performance of the song by Greek (non-Jewish) singer
Glikeria, open

You can also see him perform the traditional Yeminite song version of
the religious song Dror Yikara here:

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