Friday, September 07, 2012

My Name is Yehonatan

A few days ago a very sad event took place. A 20 year old Israeli
soldier, Yehonatan Ben Yishai, from the Golan Brigade, had dozed off
and a tank engaged in training activities accidentally ran over the
soldier. See this news item:
The soldier died shortly after in Rambam hospital (in Haifa).
The tank driver did not see the three sleeping soldiers on the ground
(the other two were not hurt).

I mention this because the anti-Semitic Left has not embraced Ben
Yishai as a peace activist and as a victim of Israeli militarism. The
parents of Rachel Corrie did not file a wrongful death suit on behalf
of the soldier with any Israeli court, hiring a Neo-Nazi Arab lawyer
to fight the case. The State Department did not denounce Israeli
insensitivity and injustice. The internet is not filled with web
sites and blogs insisting that Ben Yishai was intentionally murdered
by the Zionists. Iran did not name any streets after him. There is
no Ben Yishai Foundation set up to promote "solidarity" activities
with Palestinians. The International Solidarity Movement did not
adopt Ben Yishai as its patron saint. Anti-Israel leftwing faculty
members at Ben Gurion "University" are not churning out articles about
the injustice done to Ben Yishai. Haaretz has not denounced the
"cover-up" of some IDF conspiracy operating in the Ben Yishai
incident. The tank driver is not being denounced on leftist blogs as
a murderer. The Hamas is not holding soccer tournaments in his honor.
The Washington-state "anarchist" Left is not holding any Breakfast
Vigils on his behalf. There is no Broadway Show about to be staged
entitled "My Name is Yehonatan."

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