Saturday, September 08, 2012

Who wants to be a Tax-Exempt Wealthy Palestinian Terrorist??

1. A Palestinian terrorist murderer in Israeli prison can earn up to
12 thousand shekels a month tax free. That is the monthly income
jailed terrorists receive from the "Palestinian Authority," which is
to say it is paid for by the US, the EU, the UN and the other funders
of Palestinian terrorism. Israel's Channel Two TV news ran an expose
of the payments this past week. Some of the payments were just raised
by 300% by the "moderates" in the Palestinian Authority. Recipients
included convicted mass murderers. 12 thousand shekels is about the
same as the take-home pay of an Israeli professor. Families of
terrorists killed while attempting to murder Israelis also get
stipends from the same moderates.
The stipends are on a sliding scale. Small time terrorists who sit as
guests in prison for only short stays get only 1400 to 2000 shekels.
The top recipients get the 12 grand bonanza. Terrorists whose home is
East Jerusalem get a bonus because of the higher cost of living (and
murdering) in Jerusalem.
Now I just know what your very first thought is while reading this and
I had exactly the same thought. It is this: why the hell are all
these payments tax free? Why doesn't Israel make these Pestilinians
pay income tax, national insurance institute tax, payroll taxes,
health taxes, value-added taxes, television and radio tax, and a few
dozen other taxes on what they are receiving? We could finance the
whole prison system with the take-in!!

2. The Israeli Far Left is continuing its campaign to flood Israel
with Africans seeking the comfort and luxury of Israeli minimum wage
work. The reason for the Left's campaign is its desire to see the
Jewish population in Israel eroded to the lowest possible percent,
with the non-Jewish population as large as possible. The Left wishes
Israel to cease being a Jewish state or any state. As part of this
campaign, Haaretz is running lurid sensationalist stories about how
awful life is in Eritrea.
Huh, you say? Eritrea? Yes, Eritrea. Why? Because most of the tens
of thousands of "Sudanese" refugees in Israel are neither Sudanese nor
refugees. The bulk are infiltrators from Eritrea. Most are Moslems
and there is suspicion that terrorists enter the country amongst them.
Haaretz is campaigning AGAINST efforts to block their entry and to
deport those who have already infiltrated. So it is trying to play to
the heart strings of Israeli bleeding hearts by reporting how awful
things are in Eritrea. We sure don't want to send these people home
to THAT!
A few problems with this though. First, not a single Eritrean
infiltrator entered Israel from Eritrea. Every single one of them
entered from Egypt. So even if we were to take at face value the
Haaretz "scoops" about the barbarism of life in Eritrea, none of that
is relevant. Long before the infiltrators crossed the border into
Israel they were enjoying the sunshine and tranquility of Egypt. In
addition, let us note that once they reached the Sinai Peninsula, the
Eritreans had alternatives to invading Israel. After all, Israel is
not the only thing bordering the Sinai Peninsula. Why is it that not
a single one of the Eritreans infiltrated into Gaza through those nice
smuggling tunnels and asked for jobs washing dishes and mopping floors
in those upscale malls all around Gaza? I mean, if life is so awful
in Eritrea, why not seek refuge with their fellow Moslems in lovely
scenic Gaza?
The other problem is that Eritrea is not the only country in Africa
where conditions are tough. If every African living in an African
country where conditions are nasty were to be invited into Israel,
which seems to be the Haaretz master plan, then Israel will be a
country consisting of 7 million Jews 1 million Arabs, and 400 million
Africans. If Africans in Eritrea have things so tough, just why is
that an Israeli problem? And let's hear no nonsense about the Jewish
conscience and pangs from Jewish history as refugees. Aside from the
fact that the infiltrators are not refugees, I have no problem with
nice caring Jews ponying up the funds to fly all African refugees to
nice wealthy welcoming places like Canada or France or Sweden or New
Zealand. I am willing to chip in and my salary sucks!
The exception is that I would be willing to allow a few thousand
Eritreans to remain in Israel as long as they are housed on cots in
Shimon Peres' presidential compound in Jerusalem and in the Peres
Peace Center. I bet we could fit 200 just in Peres' own private
bedroom suite, with 60 more in the marble bathroom.

3. The newest cause of "rightwing" Bibi Netanyahu is to violate all
of Israeli laws about fair and open competition in tenders for jobs,
and the decision to tailor a special job in the Ministry of Justice
for Israel's worst anti-democratic leftist Inquisitor. Shai Nitzan,
about whom we have often commented, is one of the worst enemies of
freedom of speech in Israel. He led the campaign to arrest Rabbis and
anyone else recommending that people read a book of which he
disapproves. He hounded and persecuted "settlers" and "rightists"
through operating a special harassment unit, a politically partisan
SWAT team inside the Prosecutor's Offices. He ordered a University of
Haifa professor (not me) to report to police headquarters to be
interrogated Soviet-style about statements he made in a class lecture.
This Grand Inquisitor of the anti-democratic Left is being coddled
and promoted by Netanyahu. To retain him in the Likud-led government,
Netanyahu's people invented a special new position narrowly defined in
a manner manipulated to ensure that only Nitzan can compete for the
My only explanation for why Netanyahu and his people chose Nitzan for
this special position was because Mahmoud Ahmedinijad was unavailable
to take it.

4. A bit of good news:

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