Friday, December 21, 2012

Israel's Tenured Left Rallies to Support anti-Israel Violence and Child Abuse

Once again the Israel dual justice system has showed its ugly face.
This is the court-cum-prosecution system that promotes the agenda of
the Left and refuses to convict leftist criminals of anything, while
at the same time refusing to defend the freedom of speech and other
basic constitutional rights of non-leftists.

The Jerusalem District court just overturned a conviction of the
far-leftist child molester Ezra Nawi for calling an army officer a war
criminal. Seems that this is protected speech, unlike - say - saying
that people who want to enjoy rights should also comply with duties
and obligations (THAT slogan was just banned as "racist" by the
leftists on Israel's elections commission because it was thought to
offend the delicate sensitivities of Arabs).

Nawi is a violent leftist hooligan who has been involved in a
long series of violent confrontations with soldiers and police, as he
pursues his promotion of Palestinian violence. He was arrested in
2007 for violence and hooliganism. He was convicted of assault and
sentenced to a month of hard jail time plus 3 years of probation.

In 2009 he was in a protest in which he called a military officer
a war criminal. Nawi was part of a violent anti-Israel demonstration
there that the soldiers were dispersing. He was charged in 2010 with
insulting a public official, which is a crime in Israel. The problem
is that it is a crime that the courts are only willing to convict
Jewish Right-wingers for. As far as I know, no Arab or leftist was
ever convicted for it.

Nawi was convicted, but appealed and the Jerusalem appeals court
just overturned the conviction. After all, under the dual justice
system, laws for the geese never apply for the ganders.

But there is more to the Nawi story. Nawi is a convicted child
molester. Nawi was convicted in 1992 of sexual relations with a 15
year old boy. Nawi is also chummy with the Irish Senator David
Norris, who was running last year for Irish Prez. When Nawi was
indicted for sexually molesting a minor, Norris rushed to defend him
and even sent a letter praising Nawi to the Israeli court where Nawi
was being tried. In that trial, by the way, the star witness for Nawi
was Yehudit Karp, a Meretz politician who had been the deputy Attorney

Because he is both anti-Israel and gay, Nawi became the hero and
mentor of some of the worst anti-Semites on earth. He has been
celebrated by Neve Gordon and Noam Chomsky, among others. For
example, here is Gordon proclaiming Nawi his idol, in the anti-Semitic
Neo-Nazi web magazine Counterpunch: . Gordon also raised
funds for Nawi. As you can see, Gordon claims Nazi was arrested for
"caring about people's homes." Sure and Gordon was hired and
promoted at Ben Gurion "University" thanks to his being a serious
scholar. The Hebrew University's tenured leftist David Shulman has
also spent years beatifying Nawi.

The great irony of course is that Nawi, this darling of
Palestinian terrorism, would himself be tortured and murdered for
being gay if he were to fall into the hands of certain Palestinian
peace organizations like the Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.

Well, this darling of the Israeli Left and the Caring Classes was
also convicted for having engaged in some illicit relations with a
minor. Curiously, his crimes later threatened to end the political
career of a candidate for the Irish Presidency.

The Irish media got wind of Norris's ties to the convicted
pedophile and last year made life tough for Norris. Many members of
his staff suddenly resigned. The media in Ireland smell blood.

And while we have the conscripted judicial Left in our sites, let
us also mention that today's Israeli press carries large paid ads of
solidarity with Hanin Zoabi, signed by leading leftist law professors.
Zoabi was the Arab woman Knesset member who personally participated
in violent attacks against Israeli troops in the "Turkish Flotilla"
terrorist incident. She was also running for re-election to the
parliament of the state which she does not recognize and which she
seeks to destroy. Except the Knesset ethics committee voted to bar
her from running, due to her participation in violence (and open
support for terrorism).

A group of tenured law dons are unhappy with this. After all,
they insist, why should Zoabi be any less entitled to run for the
Knesset than Bin Laden would be to run for the US Senate?

Well, 17 of the worst leftist law dons in Israel signed the
petition, opposing the banning of the terrorist form running for the
parliament. And among them was the above-mentioned Yehudit Karp.

Can it take much longer before the Tel Aviv University Law School
hires Ezra Nawi to teach a course in family law?

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