Monday, December 17, 2012

Maalot, Connecticut

1. You no doubt know the old quip definition about "chutzpah" being
where a man kills his parents but then asks mercy from the court on
grounds that he is an orphan.

Well, THAT definition is WAY out of date. A much better definition is
this: Abu Mazen, the Holocaust Denying "president" of the "state" of
Palestine," just sent a condolence message to President Obama and the
American people regarding the deaths of school children in Newtown,
Connecticut (children plus adults murdered evidently was 26, not
including his own mother). You can see the text of Abu's message

THIS is the very same guy who personally planned and initiated a
massacre of 25 school children at Maalot in Israel in 1974. (See )

2. You no doubt have been reading the stories about the anti-Semitism
from the small Hungarian fascist party Jobbik, which has some seats in
the Hungarian parliament. Jobbik fascists have burned an Israeli flag
and recently one of them proposed that Hungary collect an official
list of all the names and residency addresses of all Hungarian Jews
(guess for what purpose). The other Hungarian political parties
denounced the fascists.

I was recently in Hungary and made a suggestion to the local Jews
about how I thought they should respond to the call to record and
register the names and addresses of all Hungarian Jews. My suggestion
was that the Hungarian Jews issue a call for the Hungarian government
to collect and publish an official list of all the barnyard animals
with whom the mothers of the Jobbik fascists had intimate relations.

Alas, their sense of political street theater was not the same as my
own and they failed to embrace my suggestion.


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