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Meet the BDS-holes!

1. Meet the BDS-holes:

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The Nazi Roots of the Boycott-Israel Movement
Posted By Steven Plaut On February 19, 2013

The so-called "BDS" movement is nothing less than a poorly-disguised
campaign of bigotry and aggression against Jews by anti-Semites and

While its roots go back far earlier, ever since the 1930s the first
manifestation of Nazi-like anti-Semitism has been to organize economic
boycotts against Jews. On the day Hitler came to power in 1933 he
ordered a nationwide campaign of BDS or "boycotts, divestment and
sanctions" against Germany's Jews. It was of course only the opening
round in economic warfare and aggression directed against Jews. The
Germans claimed that they were actually the victims of the Jews, who
were occupying German territory. Sound familiar?

The Arab countries quickly took note of the lessons from Germany. As
soon as Israel's existence and independence were proclaimed, the
Islamofascist world announced a total BDS campaign, including a trade
embargo, against Israel. This boycott was generally also implemented
against non-Israeli Jews, removing any doubt as to the real agenda of
the boycotters. That boycott is still by and large in effect, although
here and there one can see cracks in it. Syrian Arabs injured by the
Assad junta feel no hesitation to flee to the Israeli border and ask
for medical assistance, which they get for free, and Arabs from the
Gulf states quietly fly to Israel to get medical treatments.

The latest manifestation of Boycott-the-Jews anti-Semitism is in the
campus "BDS" movement. Like the previous boycotts, the newer "BDS" is
nothing more than a campaign of economic warfare and aggression
against Jews. The main aggressors these days are small groups of
campus anti-Semites and brownshirts from the Far Left and the Far
Right, joined by Islamofascists. The recent campus Day of Anti-Semitic
Hatred at Brooklyn College was just the tip of the swastika, and was
thoroughly denounced by Alan Dershowitz and others. The same
university administrators who would order in the state troopers to
prevent any "conference" on the genetic inferiority of black folks or
on the mental deficiencies of homosexuals are the first to defend
academic pogroms against Jews in the name of freedom of speech. Can
campus Holocaust Denial Rallies be far behind? You can see a leading
British BDS advocate posing in front of an Arab swastika, used by the
Syrian neo-Nazi group, the SSNP, here. The resemblance to Judith
Butler and her recent appearance at the Brooklyn College Hatefest is,
in the immortal words of Yoggi Berra, too coincidental to be a

It is more than a bit ironic that the anti-Semites who are running the
so-called BDS campaign choose to adopt for themselves a term that has
an older meaning of pathological aggression in those suffering from
dementia. In psychiatry, BDS stands for Behavioral Dyscontrol Scale.
But the psychiatrists got only part of the picture right. Probably a
better definition of BDS is Bigots, Dingbats and Scoundrels. An entire
web site that mocks PACBI.org, the main BDS organization, is a
must-see at Pacbi.com. The original anti-Semitic PACBI name stands for
the "Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of
Israel." The mock site defines "Pacbi" as Pathetic Assholes Conspiring
to Boycott Israel.

Its front page message is worth citing:

'BDS-ers come from the goosestepping Neo-Nazi Right, from the
bedwetting radical Left, from the "anarchist" anarcho-fascist
movements, from the various front groups for the "International
Solidarity Movement" or ISM (which stands for "I Support Murderers").
BDS is the official mantra of the anti-Semitic vermin and their
genocidal fellow travelers, who are attempting to get the world to
boycott Israel. The BDS scum consist of anti-Jewish racists seeking
the annihilation of Israel and strive for a second Holocaust of the
Jewish people. They work to achieve this while pretending that they
think Israel mistreats Arabs. If they had been alive in the 1930s and
1940s, they would all have been participating in the German movement
to boycott and divest from Jews.
Omar Barghouti is the Arab graduate student in Israel who set up the
original BDS organization, PACBI.org. He was a bit foolishly admitted
as a MA student (in philosophy) into Israel's Tel Aviv University and
then decided to show his gratitude for that by organizing a
one-jihadist pogrom against the existence of the country that was
educating him. (The philosophy department at TAU is itself a den of
anti-Israel radical leftist agitprop.) So the leading advocate of
world boycotts of Israeli academic institutions is unwilling to
boycott them himself and drop out of his own degree program. He stayed
registered in the "Zionist" institution, collecting his cushy
fellowship handouts.'

But the irony does not end there. Barghouti is not a Palestinian at
all. He was born in Qatar and was raised in Egypt, making him a sort
of Edward Said "Palestinian," meaning a non-Palestinian.

Barghouti not only hates Jews. He also hates white people and
proclaims them to be an inferior race! Really! He is quoted thus: "For
some peculiar reason Omar Barghouti, BDS's leading activist makes some
biologically determinist remarks. He for instance declares that he
won't take a lecture from a 'white person'. But Barghouti doesn't stop
there, he clearly makes a connection between 'skin colour', political
stand and violence. It seems as if Barghouti is also aware of himself
making a racist statement when he suggests that 'the white race is the
most violent in history of mankind.'" So says the Egyptian.

In his exposeé of Barghouti in Frontpage Magazine, writer Daniel
Greenfield reveals: "Omar Barghouti is a distant cousin of Marwan
Barghouti and Mustafa Barghouti. Marwan Barghouti is a major terrorist
leader serving five life sentences for numerous murders. Mustafa
Barghouti was a Soviet-educated Communist leader and a candidate for
the presidency of the Palestinian Authority." He adds: "Omar Barghouti
tried to latch on to Occupy Wall Street by claiming to represent 'the
global 99 percent.' Considering how much money and power the
Barghoutis have, they are the 1 percent, both locally and globally.
Anyone who has seen the mansions of the ruling elite in the West Bank
can only laugh at Omar's assertion that Israel is part of the 1
percent exploiting the rest of humanity, while the influential clans
like the Barghoutis are the 99 percent."

Writing on the Huffington Post, the left-of-center French philosopher
Bernard Henry Levi called the BDS "movement" a lot of "crap." He

'Why? First of all, because one boycotts totalitarian regimes, not
democracies. One can boycott Sudan, guilty of the extermination of
part of the population of Darfur. One can boycott China, guilty of
massive violations of human rights in Tibet and elsewhere. One can and
should boycott the Iran of Sakineh and Jafar Panahi, whose leaders
have become deaf to the language of common sense and compromise. One
can even imagine, as we once did with regard to the fascist generals'
Argentina or Brezhnev's USSR, boycotting those Arab regimes whose
citizens' freedom of expression is forbidden and punished, if
necessary, in blood. One does not boycott the only society in the
Middle East where Arabs read a free press, demonstrate when they wish
to do so, send freely elected representatives to parliament, and enjoy
their rights as citizens. Regardless of what one thinks of the
policies of its government, one does not boycott the only country in
the region and, beyond the region, one of the unfortunately limited
number of countries in the world where voters have the power to
sanction, modify, and reverse the position of said government.'

The racism of the boycotters is not even hidden from view. The BDS
gang are not boycotting any Israeli Arabs and not even Israeli leftist
Jews, at least not usually. In fact they do not even boycott Israeli
Arabs who own property and assets in the "occupied" West Bank. After
all, if you thought that no Israelis have the right to own property
there because it is "occupied" territory, almost like Corsica, how
come the Israeli Arabs who do so get a free pass from the BDSholes,
the term a growing number of commentators are calling them?

The other irony of course is that BDS aggression and warfare harms
Israeli Arabs and other non-Jews, as well as Jews. To the extent that
Israeli exports are harmed, those working in export industries lose
out, and there are plenty of Arab workers and entrepreneurs affected.
Not just in Israel but also in the "West Bank." The BDSholes recently
decided to target "Sodastream," an Israeli company that makes
fashionable environmentally-friendly nifty devices for dispensing
carbonated water for mixing drinks. The boycott of it by the BDS gang
is harming Palestinian employees of the company.

But you've got to hand it to the boycotters. They hate Jews so much
that they want Jews harmed even if the campaign also harms Arabs.
After all, Arabs are nothing more than an instance of collateral
damage in the holy war of aggression and jihad against the Jews. In
the view of the BDSholes, Arabs never are entitled to any human rights
protection in Arab countries. Arabs need protection only when this
serves to undermine, endanger, and demonize the Jews. In all other
cases, let them eat stale pita!

2. Let's spank Bill Maher:

3. Correction: Eitan Haber, subject of a posting a couple of days
back, was NOT a member of the Knesset (as he was incorrectly described
by me), but WAS the Labor Party consigliere for Yitzhak Rabin and
other Labor Party officials.

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