Friday, March 29, 2013

The Hananosaurus

Hanan Ashrawi has long been the favorite "moderate" of the
Bash-Israel Left. In spite of her reptilian face, making her
something of a Hananosaurus, she speaks a decent English, which is
unusual among the terrorists. And there is a well-entrenched Western
belief that any terrorist who speaks English properly must be a
moderate. After all, surely extremists could never learn to speak
English! Every time a Western media outlet or campus leftist needs to
show Paletsinian moderation, they invariably point to Ashrawi.

Ashrawi herself is about as moderate as Osama bin Laden or Noam
Chomskly. Let us note that Chomsky also speaks English ok.

You can see an earlier expose of Ashrawi here:
Note her track record in Holocaust Denial: 'Ashrawi has long been a
Holocaust denier. In the July 2, 1998 edition of the official
Palestinian Authority newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadeeda, she published an
article calling the Holocaust "a deceitful myth which the Jews have …
exploited to get sympathy."'

Well, now that she has recovered from Dorothy's house landing on
top of her in the cyclone, Ashrawi is back, and this time she is doing
a better job of illustrating Palestinian "moderation" then she ever
did before. She is the perfect demonstration of all of the success of
Oslo and the "peace process."

PLO Official Hanan Ashrawi's NGO Publishes Passover Blood Libel
MARCH 28, 2013 11:17 AM
Zach Pontz

Hanan Ashrawi. Photo: wiki commons.
MIFTAH, an NGO whose founder PLO Official Hanan Ashrawi is a well
known media personality in the West, and which receives funding from
the UN and the Ford Foundation, published an article to its website
Wednesday that claimed Jews use the blood of Christians for Passover
Anonymous pro-Israel blogger Elder of Ziyon spotted this passage in an
article by Nawaf al-Zaru on MIFTAH's Arabic-language site (bold
courtesy of EoZ):
"Does Obama in fact know the relationship, for example, between
"Passover" and "Christian blood" ..?!Or "Passover" and "Jewish blood
rituals..?!Much of the chatter and gossip about historical Jewish
blood rituals in Europe are real and not fake as they claim; the Jews
used the blood of Christians in the Jewish Passover …"
Al-Zaru was responding to this section of U.S. President Barack
Obama's speech to students in Jerusalem last Thursday:
"I also know that I come to Israel on the eve of a sacred holiday –
the celebration of Passover. And that is where I would like to begin
today. Just a few days from now, Jews here in Israel and around the
world will sit with family and friends at the Seder table, and
celebrate with songs, wine and symbolic foods. After enjoying Seders
with family and friends in Chicago and on the campaign trail, I'm
proud to have brought this tradition into the White House. I did so
because I wanted my daughters to experience the Haggadah, and the
story at the center of Passover that makes this time of year so
"It is a story of centuries of slavery, and years of wandering in the
desert; a story of perseverance amidst persecution, and faith in God
and the Torah. It is a story about finding freedom in your own land.
For the Jewish people, this story is central to who you have become."
According to Elder of Ziyon, al-Zaru also quotes "a 2007 Haaretz
article on a book by a Bar-Ilan University professor that bizarrely
claimed that a few blood libels could have had a basis in fact,
without noting that the same professor recanted those claims a year
When reached on the phone by The Algemeiner a MIFTAH employee had no
comment on the article. After The Algemeiner emailed the organization
the article was removed from MIFTAH's website. It was never published
to MIFTAH's English-language webpage.

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