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Daniel Monterescu is a radically leftist ex-Israel professor of sociology and anthropology  at Central European University in Budapest, where I also sometimes teach.   He seems to be something of a Marxist and defines himself as a radical feminist (see .

Rashid Khalidi was one of his thesis advisors for his PhD.  He has co-authored an article with Noa Shaindlinger, the dingbette who was in the news a few days ago proclaiming her joy at hearing that two Israeli air force pilots had been killed in a flight accident.


Now ordinarily Monterescu expresses opinions that are not the sort of which I approve nor would I would waste your time in sending to you.  Nevertheless even HE had a rude awakening when he was confronted with the open anti-Semitism of some radical academics, especially those from France.  He tells about his moment of serendipity in an Op Ed in Haaretz today:


[The incident to which he refers where he is linked to Tali Fahima, the convicted Jewish woman accomplice of a terrorist, is apparently based on his signing a petition endorsing Fahima (seen at ]


The relevant and interesting segment in my opinion is where he describes being ostracized from an academic conference by French leftist academics when they discover that he is an (ex-) Israeli.  (His name does not give him away and his employer is outside Israel).    Here is an excerpt from his description:


'That same evening, red-eyed and after finishing a bottle of raki, the drunken French participant confessed to us that his criticism of me was unrelated to my work or my political views, nor to the academic boycott against Israel: "As far as we're concerned, even before you opened your mouth you were and will be a "sionard." The term, which I was hearing for the first time, is a French slang combination of Zionist ("sioniste") and idiot ("connard").'


Monterescu expresses his shock and outrage at being labeled a "sionard."   It leads him to contemplate the anti-Semitism behind much of the European Left.   Well, I say -  better late than never, and it is nice to see a leftist academic discover what the rest of us have known for decades.


As for the French leftist anti-Semitic academics who call Jews "sionard," how should we deal with them?   Sionard, they say?  I suggest we all start referring to the anti-Semitic Gallic Left as "Bolshifrogs."



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