Thursday, June 06, 2013

And the killer was …… (drumroll) ....

   And the killer was …… NOT a religious rightwing hater of homosexuals.

By Steven Plaut



    It is now almost exactly four years since the murderous attack on the homosexual recreational center in Tel Aviv.   In August of 2009, a man with a gun entered the "Bar Ha-Noar" (the "Youth Bar"), a Tel Aviv gay lounge, murdered two and wounded others.  Then he escaped.  (See )


    The reaction of the media and the chattering classes at the time is of interest.  The world media suddenly filled with self-righteous condemnations of Israel's supposed violent intolerance towards homosexuals.  Never mind that the treatment of gays in Israel is at least a billion times better than in any Arab or Moslem country, and never mind the "gay pride" marches held in Israel all the time.  Anti-Semitic homosexual groups operating under various names cropped up all over the world to denounce Israel and Zionism in general, and to back anti-Israel terrorism.  Some leftist academics in Israel invented the nonsense word "pinkwashing" to refer to the fact that supporters of Israel like to mention the tolerance towards homosexuals in Israel as a point in Israel's favor.  (see )  The militant anti-Israel homosexuals and their academic supporters, invariably far Left, insist that mentioning such tolerance is merely a conspiratorial cover-up to divert attention away from Israel's crimes against Arabs.


   The Israeli local media at the time, along with just about any public figure having an opinion or a bully pulpit, presumed the attack on the bar/lounge was perpetrated by anti-homosexual religious right-wingers.  Their entire set of evidence for this was that the targets were homosexual and it all took place in a gay center.  Later Jack Teitel, the deranged ex-American who was jailed for acts of violence against Arabs, missionaries, and an anti-Israel leftist professor, tried to take "credit" for the attack, fueling the media feeding frenzy against the religious Right (see ).  All until the police proved he was grandstanding and had had nothing to do with the attack on the gay bar.  It appears that all his violent attacks were actually against heterosexuals.


    Back in 2009, there were hints in the small print of the back pages, and these were mentioned in these cyber-incitements I post, that it just might be that the attack was not a hate crime at all but rather the act of one of the gay people who frequented the Tel Aviv center and who had some sort of personal non-political grudge.


     Yesterday the police in Israel arrested four people whom the police are convinced were involved in that attack, including the shooter himself.  The police are being uncharacteristically boisterous about their certainty that they caught the correct perps.  The media are still under a gag order about the details and the names.


    Even with all the coyness, from remarks by the police it is now entirely clear that the attack on the Tel Aviv gay lounge 2009 was not a "hate crime" at all and was not carried out by anyone with an anti-gay political or religious agenda.  In fact it was carried out by other homosexuals.  (see


    Without being too candid and clear (yet), the police are saying the perps had themselves been members or participants in the "bar" and had acted out of "personal revenge" motives.  They are not openly saying what personal revenge means, allowing people to imagine unpaid loans or sales of defective merchandise as the motive.  But if we cut to the chase, it is almost certain that the murderer was a jilted lover of someone in the club and went on a rampage.


     Now no one thinks that heterosexuals are incapable of going on jealous rampages or committing multiple murders, and no one thinks that the massacres in Newton or Norway involved homosexuals, to name but two.  But at the same time let us keep in mind the kneejerk reaction of the entire world media and of the radical homosexual organizations in particular in blaming anti-gay hatred, religion, and Zionism as responsible for the violence.  It will be interesting to see how many of these homosexual organizations now step forward and apologize, or whether they prefer to maintain their posture as anti-Semitic cowardly pansies even after the truth has come out.  The refusal of the gay militants and of the media in 2009 to consider jilted gay love as the possible motive behind the Tel Aviv attack may be the worst form of homophobia around these days.







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