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Pinky Toes, and come join the ZDAQAMTDJTA!



1.  Ah, leave it to Haaretz, our favorite Palestinian newspaper printed in Hebrew, to ignore what everyone else in the world now knows and to pronounce that the murders that took place in the Tel Aviv gay bar 4 years ago were caused by "homophobia." 


The great irony is that Haaretz is sticking to that line even AFTER it itself broke the leak it got from the police that the murders were payback carried out by members of the family of a victim who was a minor raped by a member of the Youth Bar "club":  For details, see http://www.haaretz.com/news/national/tel-aviv-gay-youth-center-attackers-sought-revenge-over-rape-of-teen-police-reveal.premium-1.529071


Never mind the facts.  Haaretz still runs an editorial TODAY insisting that the crime was caused by "homophobia."  Moreover, it demands state reparations be paid to the club people injured in the shooting.   Why state reparations rather than suing the perps?  Because "homophobia" caused the attack.  Here is Haaretz:  "This crime cannot be divorced from homophobia in society, and exception should be taken to any attempt to dissociate the case from broader homophobic attitudes."   No doubt Arab women murdered by their families in "honor killings" will soon be offered state reparations by the Israeli government on grounds that they are victims of Islamophobia.


You can refresh your memory of the shooting and its aftermath here:  http://frontpagemag.com/2013/steven-plaut/the-killer-in-the-tel-aviv-gay-lounge-was/

Note the talkback that reads:

'As for the "Queers against Israeli Apartheid," the answer to them is in setting up a new activist organization: the ZDAQAMTDJTA!  That stands for: Zionists for Denying Anti-Semitic Queers Access to Medicines and Treatments Developed by Jews for Treating AIDS.'


But the obsessional political correctness of Haaretz does not end there.  Haaretz has now joined the "T" fetish bandwagon.  The editorial adds:  "There is also a need for a policy of equality when it comes to transgender individuals. The barriers erected by the health and interior ministries that make it more difficult for people to change their gender must be eliminated. And legislation compensating the victims of the Barnoar attack should be just a first step in the war against homophobia and the beginning of a proactive approach to providing full equality to the gay community."


So let's take a few steps backwards here.  "Transgendered"?


First let me say that the adding of the "T" for "transgendered" was probably the stupidest tactical error the homosexual lobby could make.  After largely winning the media battles in the West over "gay marriage" and "acknowledgement of normality" by much of the public, the LGB's then go berserk and add the "T" to things to make "LGBT."   The media are also trying to bash the public over the head about the "T's" and preach about how "normal" THEY are but I doubt there is one person in a thousand even in the most liberal states in the US who regards the "T's" as anything other than mentally ill fruitcakes.   Hollywood movies cheering on "T's" are all around but make no difference.


Second, all the rubbish about "men born in women's bodies" and vice versa does not change anything.  We all know there is no such thing.  If someone claimed he was a dolphin born inside a human body and demanded surgery to grant himself fins, he would be sent to the psych ward.  A doctor who carried out "restorative surgery" or "species correcting surgery" to make that dude look like a dolphin would be locked up.


I have long held the opinion that any doctor carrying out "sex change surgery" should be arrested and jailed for mutilation and assault.  A MD who cut off a person's pinky toe for no valid medical reason at all would be jailed, but the PC kooks are arguing that what is cut off and done in "sex change surgery" is legitimate and even a human right.  (While at the same time insisting that circumcision be prohibited!)


And now they have Haaretz in their camp!   Putting aside the more general debate over LGB, anyone adding the "T" to LGB should be automatically dismissed as an idiot who has nothing of value to say about anything at all.  Or better yet, they should have their pinky toes surgically removed.  Can an anti-Semitic organization of "transgendered" cheering on jihad be far away?


And by all means, come and join ZDAQAMTDJTA!



2.  The Israeli Knesset is seriously debating a bill proposed by an animal rights nut in Yair Lapid's party to prohibit fattening up geese.  The bill claims it is inhumane to do so, although it does not seem to have done much harm to Oprah Winfrey.  In any case, the Knesset is also debating whether to proclaim the teenage graffiti vandals of "Price Tag" as terrorists.


But I wonder if the time has not come to proclaim Peace Now and Meretz as terrorist organizations.


Take the Meretz initiative regarding Jibril Raboub.  We have had occasion to comment on this uber-terrorist in the past, including in a piece called "Mister Rajoub's Neighborhood":  http://archive.frontpagemag.com/readArticle.aspx?ARTID=16569 .  ' Rajoub has a long track record of praising Hamas suicide bombers and other mass murderers, and ordered the torture of Palestinian journalists who criticized the PLO.'


But now Meretz and Peace Now have launched a campaign to beatify and prettify Rajoub and promote him as the missing Palestinian peace partner. 



Here is the latest about Meretz' beloved peace partner:



Meretz's 'Peace Partner' Rajoub: All of Israel is 'Occupied'

PA official Jibril Rajoub, touted last week as a "man of peace" by Meretz, told an Arab station that all of Israel is "occupied Palestine."



Palestinian Authority official Jibril Rajoub, who was touted last week as a "man of peace" by the leftist Meretz party, is continuing his incitement against Israel.

The Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) research organization exposed on Sunday yet another controversial statement by Rajoub, who this time said during an interview, which aired last week on an Arab sports television channel, that all of Israel is "occupied Palestine".

Rajoub, who heads the PA's soccer federation, referred during the interview to an upcoming visit to Israel and the PA by the players of the FC Barcelona team. When asked by the interviewer whether the team will also visit the "occupied territories", Rajoub replied, "They are coming to occupied territories, since the whole of Palestine from the river to the sea, is occupied."

The interviewer then told Rajoub that she was referring to "Israeli-occupied lands" to which Rajoub replied, "Do you mean 1948?"

When the interviewer confirmed she indeed meant lands "occupied" in 1948, Rajoub replied, "There was a foolish Israeli attempt to do something (a sporting event) together. Of course they try to use Barcelona as a fig leaf to hide their crimes against Palestinian sports."

The latest remarks by Rajoub were exposed just three days after MK Zehava Galon, head of the extreme leftist Meretz party, blasted the Defense Ministry for preventing Rajoub's participation at her party's conference.

Rajoub had been scheduled to speak at the conference. Galon contacted Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon and asked that Rajoub be given the appropriate permit to attend, but the request was denied.

"This is an attempt to silence a person, which harms one of the most prominent proponents of peace on the other side, and it is hard to shake the feeling that the security establishment makes political decisions and not professional ones," claimed Galon.

Yaalon explained Saturday evening that he had decided to block Rajoub's entry to Israel before the Meretz party invited him to its conference.

"I decided to prevent Jibril Rajoub from entering the state of Israel, because despite the fact that in the Israeli press, he sometimes appears like an almost likeable character – in actual fact, this is a person who has been inciting in a very serious manner against the state of Israel and its citizens lately; attacking the prime minister with harsh words that cannot be repeated; and acting to delegitimize Israel in sports institutions," said Yaalon.

"I cannot accept a situation in which a person spreads words of demonization and hatred against us, like the worst of inciters, and at the same time asks to enter the state of Israel as if nothing happened. You can't grasp the stick at both ends."

PMW has in the past exposed that Rajoub denounced Jews as "Satans" and "Zionist sons of bitches" before an audience. In another PMW video, he called Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu a "dog."

Most recently he praised the use of violence against Israel, asserting that if the PA had a nuclear weapon, it would not hesitate to use it against the Jewish state.


3.  You probably saw that Shimon Peres just announced yet again that there is near-universal consensus in Israel in support of the so-called "two-state solution."  See http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/168801#.Ubb52q8UHQw.

Peres had a tiny error.  In reality, there is near-universal consensus in Israel AGAINST any "two-state solution."   The only consensus in favor of it is that comprised by Peres and the heads of Meretz and the Communist Party.


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