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The Plan to Africanize Israel


1.  The Plan to Africanize Israel



The main goal of the Israeli Far Left is to end Israel's existence as a Jewish state.  It pursues this goal not only by means of demanding that Israel capitulate to the jihad.  It also has been working nonstop to convert Israel into an impoverished country populated by huge masses of uneducated unskilled non-Jewish Africans.


For the Africans, Israel represents a place where they can do menial work and make wages many times in excess of what they get back home.  The bulk of the Africans seeking higher wages, those misrepresented by the media as "refugees," are from Eritrea, with others coming from Sudan and elsewhere.  These are not refugees at all.  The Left wants them to be granted unlimited entry into Israel.  The Left whines that these people suffer at home.  But no other African countries allow unlimited entry into their territories for Eritreans or others and none regard Eritreans as "refugees."  The secularist Left in Israel whines about how "Jewish mercy" and "Jewish historic experience" dictate that Jews take pity on the Eritreans.  Just as long as no Eritreans are allowed to erect tents in their own yards.


But taking pity does not mean allowing unlimited entry into the country.  Bleeding hearts so concerned about the "sufferings" of the Eritreans and Sudanese are welcome to collect funds in Israel and send them to Eritrea and Sudan to assist those "suffering" there.  Practitioners of recreational compassion who insist the "refugees" from Eritrea need to be offered a home can send them all to the Gaza Strip, with its thriving malls and water parks in need of hard-working sanitation crews.


Now as it turns out, drowning Israel in Eritreans is not the ONLY tactic of the post-Zionist anti-survivalist Israeli Mau-Mau Left.  They dream of converting Israel into a bi-national Rwanda.  They are also trying to fill the country with non-Jewish Ethiopians.


As you know, Israel welcomed in all the Jews from Ethiopia and even any non-Jewish family members they might have.  But the entire Jewish population of Ethiopia left there long ago.  The bulk are settled in Israel where they are slowly being integrated and moving up the social ladder.  Indeed they are doing so well that pretty much every non-Jewish Ethiopian in Ethiopia would like to move to Israel and join them in being exploited in Israeli labor markets.  Thousands of Ethiopians are posing as Jews and asking for handouts in "camps" set up in Ethiopia, where they await transport to Israel and its milk and honey.  And anyone raising any objections is denounced in kneejerk manner by the Left as "racist."


Ben Dror Yemini devoted his weekend column to this massive scam.  In Hebrew, see .   The Ethiopian "refugees" now in tent camps in Ethiopia are not Jews at all nor are they crypto-Jews or ex-Jews coerced into living as Christians like morannos, insists Yemini.  They are scam artists putting on a show to get into Israel.  Some of the leaders of Ethiopian Jews in Israel have called upon Israel to REFUSE to allow those people into Israel, speaking openly about the scam.  The main lobby group that has pressured Israel to allow them in calls itself NACOEJ, the North American Conference on Ethiopian Jewry ( .   They raise funds for the tent cities of the pretenders.  They teach the pretenders a few Hebrew songs or prayers they can recite whenever a TV camera shows up.  Whether out of naiveté or something worse, they attempt to blackmail Israel into allowing the masses of Ethiopian non-Jews into the country by labeling anyone objecting to the idea as a "racist."    Actually, recently even NACOEJ announced they were disbanding because there are no more bona fide Jews left in Ethiopia.  Avi Granot, Israel's erstwhile ambassador to Ethiopia, confirms the applicants are non-Jewish pretenders.  A recent Hebrew book "Zionism Upside Down" by one Ori Konforti, documents the deception and fraud.  A handful of Eritreans have also pretended to be interested in converting to Judaism and are scrutinized closely by skeptical Rabbinic authorities.


The main lobbyist for opening up the floodgates for non-Jewish Ethiopians to enter Israel is one Avraham Nagossa, an Ethiopian who first came to Israel as a Christian missionary.  He set up a new group in Ethiopia calling itself Hatikva (talk about gall!) to encourage Ethiopian non-Jews to demand entry into Israel.  Each person he manages to get into Israel then files papers to allow every relative and friend of his to join him in "reuniting of families" in Israel.


And so along moves the Left's dream of seeing Israel converted into an impoverished post-Zionist non-Jewish tribal plantain plantation.



2.  Eugene Kantorovich is one dang interesting academic!   He is professor of constitutional law at Northwestern University ( ).  He is a blogger for the "Volokh Conspiracy."  And he often writes about international law and Israel. 


He recently lectured in Israel at Bar Ilan University on the subject of "settlers."  (See  )  The paper he presented documents the many cases of settlers and settlements being erected in "occupied territories" and about which there are no international criticism and no demands for their removal.  The only "settlers" over which the world is upset are Jews who are living in their historic homeland, in lands taken by Israel in its defensive wars.  He talked about the Russian settlers in Abkhazia in Georgia, and Russians in the Baltic countries.  He talked about Indonesian settlers in Timor.  He talked about Vietnamese settlers in Cambodia, and Turkish settlers in Cyprus and Syrian settlers in Lebanon.  He talked about Moroccan settlers in Western Sahara.  And in every case he showed how the world legitimized and recognized the presence of settlers as legitimate.  He even described how the world agreed that the Moroccan settlers vote in the referendum in Western Sahara, with the predictable pro-Moroccan result.  Jimmy Carter and the US State Department saw nothing amiss with that.


In NO other cases of settlers or settlers has the demand been raised that the settlers be removed or evicted.  Only when it comes to Jews in their own homeland.  


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