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What Bibi's answer to the EU should be :






The Letter Netanyahu Should Send to the EU

Posted By Steven Plaut On July 19, 2013


Editor's note: The letter below was formulated on behalf of the Israeli Prime Minister by Steven Plaut:

Dear Leaders and Commissioners of the European Union:

As Prime Minister of Israel I would like to thank you for sharing your thoughts with the world about how Israel should solve the Middle East conflict, namely by agreeing to "return" the "occupied Palestinian" lands to the "Palestinians."

Always willing to be of public service, I have composed a small list of minor preconditions that must be met in order for Israel to agree to return to the "Palestinians" the "occupied territories" that are "theirs." These are really just minor corrections in your own plan.  After all, why should Israel be the first and the only country to "return" lands to the original inhabitants from which they "seized" these lands in "occupation"?

So here goes:

It goes without saying that the Americans and Canadians must lead the way and show Israel the light by returning all lands that they seized from the Indians and the Mexicans to their original owners.  The Anglo-Saxons, meaning the English, will be invited to return the British isles to their rightful original Celtic and Druid owners, while they return to their own ancestral Saxon homeland in northern Germany and Denmark.  The Danes of course will be asked to move aside. In fact, they will be asked to move back to their Norwegian and Swedish homeland, to make room for the returning Anglo-Saxons.

But that is just a beginning.  The Spanish will be called upon to leave the Iberian peninsula that they wrongfully occupy and return it to the indigenous Celtiberians.  Similarly, the Portuguese occupiers will leave their lands and return them to the Lusitanians.  The Magyars will go back where they came from and leave Hungary to its true owners. The Australians and New Zealanders obviously will have to end their occupations of lands that do not belong to them.  The Thais will leave Thailand.  The Bulgarians will return to their Volga homeland and abandon occupied Bulgaria.  Anyone speaking Spanish will be expected to end his or her forced occupation of Latin America.  It goes without saying that the French will surrender all their lands, starting with Corsica, to their rightful owners. The Turks will go back to Mongolia and leave Anatolia altogether.  The Germans will go back to Gotland.  The Italians will return the boot to the Etruscans and Greeks.

That leaves the Arabs and Iranians.  First, all of northern Africa, from Mauritania to Egypt and Sudan, will have to be immediately abandoned by the illegal Arab occupiers and squatters and returned to their lawful original Berber, Punic, Greek, and Vandal owners.  Occupied Syria and Lebanon must be released at once from the cruel occupation of the Arab imperialist aggressors.  Iraq must be returned to the Assyrians and Chaldeans.  Southern Arabia must be returned to the Abyssinians.  The Arabs may retain control of the central portion of the Arabian peninsula as their homeland. But not the oil fields.

Oh, and the Palestinian infiltrators, usurpers and squatters will of course have to return the lands they are illegally and wrongfully occupying to their legal and rightful owners – the Jews.

While we are fixing world problems, let us also return all of Iran to its rightful owners.  I of course mean the Mongolians.

True, Iran was conquered or liberated from the Persians by the Mongols militarily starting in 1219. Iran then became a legitimate part of the Mongol homeland. Tamerlane, who was part Mongol, also ran the place.  All in all, the Mongol liberation of Persia lasted for two and a half centuries, not much different from the length of the period of Arab rule of "Palestine," after which Iran was "lost" to Turkic tribes.  I guess that means the Turks also have a legitimate claim to a homeland there.

Now if the fact that some Arab armies once conquered the Land of Israel is thought to confer upon them rights of sovereignty and even statehood, why should not the Mongol conquest of Iran do the same? After all, Iran was once a Mongol state, as recently as 550 years ago, whereas the last time the Land of Israel was an Arab Palestinian state was, well, never.

Not only should Mongol rule be restored to Iran as the only legitimate rulers of the place, but these days the Mongols make far better neighbors than do the ayatollahs. The Mongols have no nuclear plans and have never met with the anti-Semitic pagans from the Neturei Karta.  The Mongols would surely put the Persian Gulf petroleum to better use than do the Holocaust Deniers in Iran these days, like developing yak milk production capacities.

So, I say, end these illegal occupations once and for all and return these lands to their rightful owners!

And right after all this, Israel will be happy to implement your proposals in full.

Thanks you for hearing me out.

Sincerely yours,

Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel


2.  Lots of people are complaining about the decision by Rolling Stone Magazine to run a photo of the Boston Islamist bomber on its cover.  Rolling Stone is of course the drugs-and-rock-and-roll magazine that I consider to be a gentile Tikkun.  You may recall that Michael Lerner, the publisher of Tikkun, got his rabbinic ordination from Rolling Stone Magazine.


In any case, among the loudest complainers about the cover of Rolling Stone have been some other magazines and newspapers that have run cover celebrations of Yassir Arafat, Abu Mazen, Turkey's Erdogan, and other terrorists.



3.  You probably have heard about the story that the US media are buzzing about.  It seems that a man in Houston was arrested for cruelty towards animals after he had sex with a horse twice.  See this:


   Now when you read it I am sure that you immediately have exactly the same thought they I had when I read the story.  And that is that it is now only a question of time until the Reconstructionist movement decides to ordain the man in question as a rabbi.



4.  Jesse Bojangles Jackson finds some apartheid:



5.  Well the forces of darkness in the US failed in their attempt to perpetrate a reverse OJ in the Zimmerman trial.  In the OJ trial, OJ was "acquitted" in order to show whitey.  In the Zimmerman case, the attempt was to convict Zimmerman in order to show whitey.   It did not work.


All in all I prefer a hoodie to a kaffiya.

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