Friday, August 30, 2013

Cat Fight



1.  Ah the Israeli Left.  Just when you thought it could not get any goofier, now it turns out that it is jihading against annexationist feminism.




Let me explain.  It seems the Left is upset by a feminist initiative in the Knesset.  A number of Knesset members have initiated a measure to extend feminist protection to the West Bank.  This means that any women in the West Bank in places under Israeli administration would be entitled to things like pregnancy leave and fertility treatments.  The main initiator for the bill is a woman right-winger Orit Struk from Naftali Bennett's "Jewish Home" party.  She is joined by people from other parties, including the ultra-leftist feminist Meirav Michaeli  from the Labor Party mensheviks.   The bill would apply to Arab women as well as Jews living there.


Now other parts of the Left are soiling their undergarments in rage at this.  Why?  Because by imposing humane pro-woman rules on the "Palestinians" this amounts to a creeping form of Israeli legislative annexation.  I mean, if Arab women are granted pregnancy leaves under Israeli law, what will be next?   The right not to be murdered by their family members for immodesty?  Or for dating before marriage?


And what after that?  Kosher delicatessens in Ramallah?  Mezuza inspectors in Nablus?


The leftists leading the counterattack against this infernal imperialism are the cabinet Ministers from Tzipi Livni mini-party.  Meaning wannabe feminist Livni herself and Yaakov Peri from her party, who is "Minister of Science and Technology," a fancy term for someone with cabinet-level on-the-payroll unemployment.  Other leftists are attacking Sistuh Michaeli and denouncing her for being "tricked" into collaborating with the forces of evil occupation.  She told them to go frolic themselves (she used a different word).



2.  Meanwhile a few weeks back I ran a story about the phony "racist attacks" campaign at Oberlin College.  You can read it here:


At the time the president of the College, who is a graduate of the Zionist Young Judea youth movement, shut the whole campus down for a day in atonement for students to contemplate the atmosphere of racist harassment.  It seems that some graffiti was showing up on bathroom walls and other places on campus containing anti-black, anti-Semitic, and anti-gay epithets.   Some included swastikas.


Well, now at long last, the "perp" of these "racist incitement" incidents has been apprehended.  It turns out that it was all done by a leftist student there who had campaigned for Obama and has a clearly Jewish last name: .  The perp did it as a provocation so that people would think it was rightwing Klan types who did it and so people would respond with sharp shifts to the Left.


Oberlin President ex-Young-Judean Marvin Krislov has NOT shut down the campus in a NEW day of atonement to contemplate moronic leftist students fabricating racist graffiti on campus.  



3.  Jewish Breakdancing for Rosh Hashana


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