Friday, August 16, 2013

Channel One Dumps Latma




1.   Anti-Semitic leftist Michael Lerner is the Rabbi Impersonator who publishes and edits Tikkun Magazine, a pro-LSD magazine for aging hippies who have severe prostate problems and suffer from constipation.  Olde Mikey has no rabbinic ordination of any sort, yet has been pretending to be a rabbi for decades.  When challenged to produce his smicha, he invariably insists his dog ate it.  Other times he claims to have been ordained by Rolling Stone Magazine.  Mikey is the guy who claims Jews themselves are responsible for anti-Semitism.  He demanded that Americans respond to the 9-11 attacks by feeling Bin Laden's pain. He loves to wave his stigmata as he claims to be persecuted by "Rightwing Zionists" (see ).   Lerner is a rabbi in the same sense that I am a ballerina.  And I am not a ballerina.


     Lerner invented the "politics of meaning," which is a pagan New Age pseudo-religion that insists that all of Judaism can be reduced to pursuing the leftist and jihadist political agenda.  While he loves to toss out advice to Tikkun readers about "healing" and health, Lerner's main contribution to science seems to be to prove that someone eating a vegan diet can still be obese.


    Our team of analysts has just completed an exhaustive study and has reached the incredible and serendipitous conclusion that Michael of Meaning has been the person inside the children's TV character Barney the Dinosaur. The first clues were that Barney and Lerner seem to have somewhat similar bodily dimensions and both have that big overbite. But what gave it away was the fact that Barney has been preaching the Politics of Meaning from PBS television stations to masses of unsuspecting children. Indeed, the entire essence of the Politics of Meaning is expressed in the theme song: "I wuv you, You wuv me, We're a Happy Famil-wee."


   When confronted with this and asked whether that song was the elaboration of the Politics of Meaning for Children, Lerner hesitated and said, "Yes, well, er, no. Actually it is the full elaboration of Politics of Meaning for adults as well."


    Anyway, there are some new developments regarding Reb Moonbeam.  He is increasingly teaming up with and collaborating with Gilad Atzmon.


     Gilad Atzmon is a mentally deranged ex-Israeli saxophone player who lives in the UK.  Atzmon is an open Holocaust Denier and Neo-Nazi.  He has called for the burning down of synagogues.  He is so openly anti-Semitic that the usual Bash-Israel groups in the UK are embarrassed by him and tend to keep their distance from him.  John Mearsheimer, one of the duo who crayoned the anti-Semitic book about the "Zionist Lobby Cabal," has also been a close collaborator with Atzmon.  See .


       "Rabbi" Lerner has taken to appearing alongside the Holocaust Denier Atzmon on radio shows and other events.  You can see examples here:



2.   One of the deepest and darkest secrets in Israel is that the Israeli government, through the Israel Broadcasting Authority, runs a television channel called Channel One.  I say it is a secret because no one in Israel has ever actually turned it on and watched it.   Long ago in the past, Channel One was a monopoly Israeli broadcaster and so people would turn on its news broadcasts.  But today almost no one in Israel watches Channel One news.  There are other channels, including foreign channels, that have far better news coverage and there is of course the internet.  News coverage on Channel One consists of talking heads sitting in the studio and interviewing one another about the news.  So do most non-news programs.


     Aside from the news broadcast, the only thing I know about Channel One broadcasts is what the newspaper TV guide tells me it has on.  I have never watched any of its broadcasts, mind you.  It has a gaggle of Israeli infantile sitcoms and soap operas.  Even worse, it broadcasts sports shows.  It airs endless shows in which boring public figures get interviewed by boring interviewers.  It occasionally broadcasts an Israeli-made movie, I guess just to make sure that anyone who has accidently wondered on to the station while channel surfing is quickly driven away.  I am told that episodes of The Simpsons show are sometimes aired but I am too risk averse to attempt to switch to the channel just to catch the show lest some other Channel One show be airing.  And in any case I can see all the Simpsons I want through the web.


       Now the fact that no one in Israel has ever watched Channel One has never prevented the government from propping it up with the larcenous Taxation-without-Representation Israeli television tax.  In spite of the Likud holding power for most of the past 35 years, this tax is still in effect.  Supposedly based on the tax in the UK that props up the BBC, the Israeli government coerces all Israelis who own a TV to pay the tax, which is then turned over to Channel One, all this regardless of the fact that no one watches Channel One.  The Israel Broadcasting Authority maintains its own gangs of thieves who force their way into the homes of peaceful civilians and - if it turns out they own a TV and have not paid the television tax - the gangs of "collectors" steal the television set.  Their work has gotten tougher now that so many Israelis watch TV through their computer or smartphone, things easy to hide.  For many years I maintained a broken old black and white TV set near the entrance of my home so that the IBA collection thieves could take it away with them as punishment every time they came to the house to demand that I pay the television tax.  Eventually I ran out of broken old black and white TV sets, which are tougher to come by these days than you would think, and I have been very nervous ever since whenever the doorbell rings.  


   Aside from fiscal piracy and theft, the IBA has also long been characterized by leftism.  The leftists call the shots there, especially on Channel One news, even throughout the decades of Likud "rule."


    All of which helps us to put the newest anti-democratic scandal into perspective.  Channel One has just decided that it refuses to strike a deal with Latma and broadcast Latma satires.


    Let me explain.  Latma is the delightful project of Caroline Glick, the wonderful columnist for the Jerusalem Post and other media.  Years ago she set up an entire web site devoted to sarcasm and especially to producing parodies of news broadcasts.  The site is at   Some of their video clips became blockbusters with millions of viewers.  Google "Latma and Youtube" if you would like to see some of their best.


      Evidently Channel One decided to explore the possibility of striking a deal with Latma that would allow it to broadcast some of the funnier clips on air.  For Channel One, this might have even resulted in some Israelis turning off the web porn and watching Channel One! 


     The problem, not to mince so many words, is that Latma and Caroline are decidedly un-Left.  So Channel One claimed they could not possibly broadcast satire that had a non-leftist political orientation, you know - unlike its News Broadcasts, which have a leftist political orientation.  So the Channel's moghuls proposed signing up a second troupe from the Left to make an additional set of parody broadcasts, for balance and all.


    There were two problems with this.  First, the Left is NEVER in favor of balance and diversity, because, when all points of view are aired, the Left finds itself clobbered into insignificant smithereens.  The Left can only thrive when it monopolizes the podium.  The second problem is that the Left is just not very funny.  Leftists take themselves so seriously that they are generally incapable of satire of any form.  Conservatives on the other hand are funny.  Compare Ann Coulter with Arianna Huffington.  The conservative Wall Street Journal contains some of the best side-splitting satire and humor you can find.  The New York Times is about as funny as the book of Joe Biden speeches.


    But negotiations between Channel One and Latma fell apart.  Latma had been asking for about 4 million shekels for production costs, with around the same price to be offered to the offsetting leftist satire team. Calling itself Shalom Bayit.     


     Channel One's spin doctors are now claiming they had to pull the plug due to "concerns about professional standards."   But they are never concerned with the fact that no professional standards are ever evident in ANY other Channel One broadcasts.  Nor do they have much to say about the fact that Latma had tens of millions of viewers when it was nothing more than a small web site.


    SO the Leftist First Amendment, under which non-leftists must never be permitted to exercise freedom of speech, continues to dominate Netanyahu's Israel.  Latma will continue to thrive on the web, and no one in the entire country will be intentionally watching Channel One except for people whose dogs accidently push the remote control's buttons to that channel while seeking ads about dog food on the screen.



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