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Israelis Rebelling against Netanyahu Cowardice



From the "Like Duh" department:

Israel Hayom poll: 80% of Jewish Israelis skeptical on peace talks

Vast majority of Israeli Jews say peace talks are unlikely to culminate in lasting deal • 77.5% disapprove of this week's prisoner release and almost two-thirds would have preferred a settlement freeze instead • Abbas: All core issues discussed.

News Agencies and Israel Hayom Staff


U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah on Thursday

A new Israel Hayom poll shows that the vast majority of Israeli Jews believe the newly launched talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority are a futile endeavor.

The poll was conducted by New Wave Research on Aug. 14 from a representative and random sample of 500 Hebrew-speaking Jews, aged 18 and up. It had a 4.4 percent margin of error.

Some 79.7% of respondents said the talks would not end with a permanent peace accord that would resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Just 6.2% said such an agreement would be reached, and 14.1% said they had no opinion.

In a similar poll in July, 73.1% said negotiations would not lead to a peace agreement, while only 5.3% said the talks would conclude with a deal, and 21.6% had no opinion.

On the question of whether Israel should have agreed to release prisoners as a goodwill gesture alongside the talks, 77.5% said they opposed the move, while 14.2% said they supported the gesture and 8.3% had no opinion.

The poll was conducted a day after Israel released 26 prisoners as part of its phased release of 104 prisoners.

In a similar poll held in July, almost 85% of respondents said they opposed the release of terrorists who had committed deadly attacks, as a means of facilitating peace talks. Some 9.4% said they would support such a move and 5.7% had no opinion. The same survey found that 78.1% of participants believed that such terrorists should not be released even after talks resumed and even if such a move was contingent on progress in the peace process. Some 13.7% supported their release, with 8.2% having no opinion.


2.  Nomination for Darwin Award:

Ian Feinberg came to Israel from South Africa when he was 18 and worked tirelessly for the advancement of the Palestinian people • In 1993 he was murdered by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza • This week, one of his killers was freed as a gesture.



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