Friday, November 01, 2013

Judicial Terrorism takes a Hit: Israel Court smacks down Anti-Israel suit by "Palestinians"



      In a somewhat uncharacteristic verdict, Israel's judicial system delivered an extremely important victory this week for the good gippers.   The verdict involved a lawfare nuisance suit filed against the state of Israel in Jerusalem district court by a group of Palestinians from the West Bank.  Not only were they slapped in the puss by the court and their suit dismissed as frivolous but they were collectively hit with court costs of 210,000 shekels or nearly $60,000. Enough to deter similar attempts at misusing the courts for anti-Israel political purposes. If only the Corrie parents had been hit with a similar judgment!


     The case was based upon a series of incidents that took place in the winter of 2002.  At that time, a group of Palestinians ambushed some Jewish guards manning a checkpoint outside of Ramallah and murdered six of them.   It was suspected that Palestinian Authority (PLO) police were involved in the attack and the very next night Israeli troops attacked positions of the PA's "police," killing 15 of them.  At the time this made news because previously Israel was still pretending that the PA was "cooperating" in attempts at preventing terrorism, while the reprisal by Israel made it clear to everyone that the pretense was over.  


   In June of 2003, 37 family members of the PA "police" killed in that reprisal raid filed a damages suit against the State of Israel in Jerusalem court.  They claimed their relatives in the "police" had been massacred in cold blood by Israel for no reason.  The main, in fact the only, "evidence" they presented was a "report" about the incident published on a blog written by a far-leftist Israeli soldier who had been part of the operation. 


    It took the court "only" eight and a half years to reach the conclusion that the entire suit was frivolous and politically motivated, which was obvious from the start.  Of course, Israeli courts often accept frivolous political suits, including SLAPP suits, when they are filed by anti-Israel radicals and supporters of terrorism.  In this case, the judges tossed the suit out and hit the filers with relatively heavy damages.  ($60,000 in court costs is highly unusual in Israel.)  The judge who wrote the verdict cited the natural right of states to defend themselves and their citizens.  All quite obvious but nevertheless refreshing to hear from an Israeli court.  


The judge did not order the plaintiffs to pay for the ammunition used by the IDF to kill their terrorist relatives. 




2.  The Israeli pseudo-academic and Marxist Zeev Sternhell from the Hebrew University, the fellow who claims that Zionist students are all fascists and who called upon terrorists to murder "settlers," is back with an Op-Ed in Haaretz today claiming that all of the centrist parties in Israel (Likud, Jewish Home, Yisrael Beiteinu) are all fascist parties far worse than Le Pen's National Front in France; in fact they are all borderline Nazis according to this great academic and communist stooge.  See



'When comparing Europe and Israel in 2013, it is hard to avoid the conclusion that among Western states, the country where the radical right is the most powerful (and is even in power), and where the left is the weakest, is Israel. Here as well, the source of the problem is to be found in the country's culture, in the concept of the nation as a tribe and in the problematic definition of Jewish identity. It is even harder to avoid the conclusion that the Israeli right – from the Likud and Yisrael Beiteinu to Habayit Hayehudi – is very far to the right of Marine Le Pen's National Front. Compared to most of the cabinet ministers and Knesset members, Le Pen looks like a dangerous leftist.

'Israel is today at the extreme rightist end of the political spectrum, and its rightist groups are among the worst and most dangerous of those currently operating in democratic societies, with the exception of neo-Nazi groups. Israel is gradually being distanced from the family of the world's enlightened nations – by laws being proposed in the Knesset that are founded on openly declared ethnic and national discrimination, and by the oppressive regime in the West Bank.'

Speaking of fascism, Sternhell has long led the fascist movement to deny freedom of speech in Israel to non-leftists:


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