Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Avshalom, Avshalom, Beware the Moonbats



    Israel's brain-dead Left has a new cause célèbre.


    It involves Dr. Avshalom Kor.  He is one of the most popular Israelis in Israel (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avshalom_Kor ).  Kor is a populizer of Hebrew linguistics.  He conducts a five minute radio show each day about Hebrew grammar and etymology entitled "Literally" (name sounds better in Hebrew than English, where it means "wordiness").  It is without a doubt the most interesting thing to be aired on Israeli radio.  I catch it whenever I can.  I will give you only one small example of a Kor show.   When discussing last names he explained why all Jews with last name Schiff are Cohens, descendent from the priests in the Temple.   In German speaking countries, Cohens sometimes wrote their names Kahan, which means small ship in German.  SO more successful families of Cohen Jews changed it to Schiff which means a larger ship.  Cool, huh?


     Kor has a sense of humor and takes what sounds like a dry and boring topic and turns it into one of the most fascinating and delightful programs one could imagine.  He explains where terms and idioms come from.  He describes how Hebrew grammar and word use changed over the millennia.   He mixes in humor and pop music to explain word use.  He achieves what few professors of linguistics can achieve - he makes linguistics fascinating.  I think his popularity among Israelis in general is just slightly behind that of Arik Einstein.  


    But alas poor Avshalom, Avshalom.  He trespassed the iron rules of political correctness established by the entrenched fascist Left in Israel.  Kor is conservative politically and Orthodox.   And he dared to mock things the Left does not allow to be mocked.   Haaretz, whose entire Op-Ed page today is dominated by members of the communist party, has been leading the jihad against poor Dr. Kor. 


    On his show this week Kor commented on the bomb that exploded in the safe of the PLO's ambassador to Prague.   We all keep things we value dearly in safes, joked Kor.  He went on to compare the celebrations by the Palestinian savages when they greeted the murderers released by Israel to cannibals eating different parts of a person.  He then cited a proverb about donkeys when talking about PLO "president" Abu Mazan.   He commented that when Palestinians say that a young woman is a "bomb" (Hebrew slang for a knockout), they do not mean she is blond.  That upset the feminizts as well.


   Haaretz was not amused.  It screamed that Kor was misusing his spot on the radio for "ideology," this coming from the newspaper that inserts its communist anti-Israel ideology into every single page of the newspaper down to the weather forecast.  Haaretz has never raised any objections to the endless leftist indoctrination on OTHER radio and TV programs carried by state-run and taxpayer-financed media in Israel.

  Here is an earlier expression of rage in English by Haaretz when Kor made some non-PC statements:  http://www.haaretz.com/print-edition/opinion/off-the-linguistic-map-1.299098



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