Thursday, February 13, 2014

Israel's Chatterers suffering from Sudden Silence Syndrome






You know doubt recall the recent ruckus in Israel with regard to the communist high school teacher Adam Verete.   He used his classroom in the Tivon ORT school to propagandize and indoctrinate and to call on students to break the law and  refuse to serve in the IDF.  After being threatened with dismissal, the head of ORT did a pusillanimous show and allowed Verete to stay, in part because the Minister of Education opposed the canning of Verete.


All a lovely illustration of the devotion of the Israeli chattering classes to free speech absolutism, right?


Wrong, grasshopper.


Just consider the total silence of chatterers and the angry leftist hordes over a DIFFERENT incident that happened a few days ago.  A young woman serving in the "National Service," where religious women, Arabs, and others can do national service as a substitute for regular army duty, was speaking to students in the Yuvalim school in Samaria outside regular class time.  She serves as a youth counselor in the school.  She was wearing an orange shirt, symbol of the "National Religious" movement (think Naftali Bennett) and in a conversation with a pupil she strongly criticized the national decision to evict the Jews living in Gush Katif in Gaza when the Gaza "disengagement" appeasement took place.  She did so not in a class lecture but in answer to one of the students asking her what her orange shirt was all about. 


The school's principle fired her on the spot.  How dare she tell her students what she thought of the ethnic cleansing of the Jews of Gush Katif!


No, the same Minister of Education who defended the "right" of the communist Adam Verete to indoctrinate students IN THE CLASSROOM, did not rush out to defend the fired counselor here.  No, Haaretz did not devote the entire newspaper for a month to defending her freedom of speech, as it did with regard to Verete.  In fact, it did not report the story at all (at least not so far).  No, leftist professors did NOT sign petitions and demand she be reinstated.  No editorials in the leftist media about the sacred right of teachers to criticize.  Gosh, I wonder why!




Full story in Hebrew is here:


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