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Haaretz Adopts an Oligarch





1.  The Ku Klux Klan comes to the University of Haifa:



2.  As you know, Israel has always dealt with mass murdering suicide bombers by being nice to their families.  Their family members can often draw social security survivorship benefits, welfare, and pensions.  When Israel blew up the homes of such murderers, the caring Left and its satellites lobbied against such actions against the "innocent" family members of the terrorists.  Israel then started boarding up the houses, and later just single rooms in the houses used by the terrorist, as an alternative to heartless demolition of the entire building.  That too was condemned by the compassionate lefties.   The Left has always insisted that the only permissible way to cope with suicide bombers is for Israel to capitulate to the demands of the murderers.


There just is no other alternative, right? 


Well, seems that someone forgot to tell China about that.  As you recall, China in recent days had to deal with its own wave of Tibetan suicide protesters.   These are not mass murderers, simply Buddhist protesters who commit suicide to draw attention to the Chinese oppression of Tibet.   Guess what.  The Chinese do NOT cope with these people by capitulating to their demands.  Here is what they do:



 Most of the self-immolations have occurred in China’s Ngaba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefectures, east of Tibet, where the Dzorge County government has announced that it will take innocent people hostage en masse, said the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD.) The edict warned that if there is a self-immolation, the government will “strike hard” against these hostages and methodically take away their human rights, and make life for the innocent survivors unbearable, TCHRD reported.

This warning is very simple, said TCHRD: “If there is a self-immolation, the local government will attack your family, village, and monastery.”  …

Family members of self-immolators will be blacklisted, deprived of their political rights, and banned from government employment. Their home and land will be confiscated, and they will be prohibited from starting a business. They will be excluded from all welfare benefits for 3 years and barred from traveling to Lhasa or to foreign countries. Family members will be unable to find work or permanent housing and will not be permitted to borrow money, TCHRD said. 

Monasteries and villages will be fined amounts from 10,000-500,000 yuan ($1,648 to $82,414) in the form of a deposit to ensure against future self-immolations. In the case of a self-immolation, the money will be forfeited, and a new deposit required. The self-immolator’s village or monastery will be prevented from receiving financial assistance in the future, effectively preventing the creation of any new business, TCHRD said. Villagers will be forbidden the use of farmland and grasslands. 



3.  Haaretz is the Palestinian newspaper printed in Hebrew, the anti-Israel newspaper from which the Israeli Radical Left imbibes its Treason Du Jour.  


    In recent days Haaretz has found a new cause.  It is denouncing Israel for being responsible for the oppression of homosexuals in Uganda.  As you know, the Uganda government just adopted barbaric rules against homosexuals, including tossing them into prison for life sentences.  This triggered outrage and protests.  The Israeli government maintains correct diplomatic relations with Uganda and decided not to destroy those through loud denunciations of Uganda for its gay bashing.  I doubt there is anyone in Israel who endorses the Uganda policies, and as you know Israel is one of the most tolerant places on earth when it comes to homosexuals.  Israelis do not exactly "favor" homosexuality as a behavior but think violence and nastiness towards homosexuals is wrong.  But Haaretz repeatedly denounced ISRAEL for "enabling" Uganda by not leading a campaign against Uganda.


    Ok, Haaretz bashing Israel for anything and everything is not exactly news.  But there is an interesting twist to this.  The very same Haaretz has been bizarrely silent about the recent anti-homosexual policies of Putin before and during the winter Olympics in Sochi. Not only did Haaretz not denounce Israel and Israeli settlements as being somehow responsible for those,  IT NEVER EVER DENOUNCED RUSSIA OR PUTIN EITHER!  It has also been handling the Russian invasion of the Ukraine with delicate kid gloves, avoiding even the appearance of denouncing Putin and Russia.  Haaretz is all to happy to remind everyone of the rich tradition of anti-Semitism in the Ukraine, while downplaying Putin's imperialist aspirations.


    How come?


    Well, Amnon Lord, writing in Maariv and Makor Rishon over the weekend, offers an explanation.   He suggests it may have something to do with one of the major stockholders of Haaretz these days, one Leonid Nevzlin.  Comrade Nevzlin is a Russian oligarch with complicated relations with Putin.  Two years back he purchased 20% of the shares in Haaretz.  See this:   He made his fortune as sidekick of Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky  The latter had been jailed by Putin and was recently released.  Lord suggests that Nevzlin has used his weight at Haaretz to pressure the paper to tread lightly regarding Putin and indeed to suck up to Putin.  This presumably to persuade Putin to go easy on Khodorkovsky and the interests of Khodorkovsky and Nevzlin.


     So aside from the natural instincts of the semi-communist Haaretz editorial officers to identify with any Neo-Soviet behavior by Russia, one of its main stockholders may be dictating an Appease-Putin set of editorial positions in the paper for his own narrow self-interests.


   If true, we would then have the spectacle of the ownership directors of Haaretz including not only some non-Jewish German industrialists whose wealth was derived in the Nazi era, but also oligarchs flirting with Putin and his Neo-Soviet policies regarding Ukraine.



4.  The Hebrew U's supporter of the Rwanda Solution for the Jews:

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