Saturday, March 01, 2014

Israel Apartheid Week

What is Israel Apartheid Week? It is the week in which campus anti-Semites and Hitlerjugend in the Western world denounce the only country in the Middle East that is NOT an apartheid regime.


Who are the "Queers against Israeli Apartheid" or QAIA?   They are a group of heterophobic anti-Semitic homosexuals who want to destroy the only country in the Middle East in which homosexuals are not routinely tortured and killed.  In the same week that Uganda passed life sentences in prison for homosexuality, these "queers" will be attending Israel Apartheid Week events.


You probably heard about the "BDS" (boycott Israel) Hitlerjugend at UCLA breaking into tears when their anti-Israel motion failed to pass (see ).  Note the young woman sputtering out curses in frustration that the UCLA student council refused to conduct a campus pogrom.  Want to know what BDS REALLY really stands for?  It is this:  Buy a Douchebag for the Skank!


The UCLA initiative came from the "Students for Justice in Palestine."  These are a group of people who are not students, who do not favor justice, and there is no such place as "Palestine."


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