Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Murder of Jews in Exchange for Release of Pollard



1.   Netanyahu and his gang are trying to sugar-coat the next mass release of murderous terrorists by linking the "deal" with the PLO to the prospective release from prison of Jonathan Pollard.   This would be only the latest in the series of idiotic self-debasement "deals" in which Israel rewards the terrorists and murderers by setting them free.  Bibi and his boneheads ignore the Jews who will be murdered by these terrorists after their "release."   This "deal" is even stupider than the deal to get Gilad Shalit freed.  Shalit, after all, was being held by the Hamas, was a young man in imminent danger of being murdered.  Pollard on the other hand is an aging fellow due to be released from US prison in a little over a year even if there is NO deal for his release before then.


        Without getting into a whole long analysis of the life and deeds of Jonathan Pollard, let me say that, in my opinion, beyond any doubt, the noblest act in Pollard's entire life was his proclaiming that he rejects the idea of being released as the quid pro quo for wholesale release of terrorists and would refuse to apply for parole if he were part of any such "deal."   I assume he also resents the idea that such a "deal" would serve to equate HIM morally with terrorists.  It is Pollard's finest hour.


    Sorry, but better Pollard's release be delayed for another year than for hundreds of newly-released terrorists to murder an unknown number of Jews after their release.


     Oh, and Bibi no longer even pretends that Israel would be getting anything from the "Palestinians" in return for the released terrorhoids.   All that would happen is that the Abu Mazen terrorists would agree to continue the pretense of conducting "negotiations" with Israel for another year in exchange for the murderers.  And in these negotiations they would continue to proclaim that they will never accept Israel as a legitimate state and will continue to demand that Israel be destroyed by means of implementing the "Palestinian Right of Return."   In the past two decades the "Palestinians" have never made a single concession about anything, so why should anyone think that an extra year of such Potemkin negotiations will achieve something different?  In Netanyahu-land, this is supposed to make sense. 



2.  George Will once said about Bill Clinton that he was not the very worst American president but he was clearly the very worst person who had ever been US president.  Well, along the same lines, Ehud Olmert may not have been the very worst Israeli Prime Minister (there have been so many awful ones), but he was clearly the very worst person who has ever served as Israeli Prime Minister.



3.   A delicious story. Leftist Jewish protesters and "anarchists" came to Hebron to show their "solidarity" with local "Palestinians." The "Palestinians" objected that the presence of the moonbat protesters was disrupting their commerce, and drove them away.


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