Monday, April 21, 2014

Two Fast Thoughts for Esra-Chag


Two Fast Thoughts for Esra-Chag (8th day of Passover outside Israel, Mimona for some inside Israel)


1.    You probably have all seen the news reports about the fox that infiltrated the grounds of the White House and has made its home there, seen wondering about. I could not help but be reminded of the words of the Prophet Jeremiah near the end of the Book of Lamentations about how a fox moving into an area signifies the presence of absolute devastation!


2.   I hope I am not stepping on anyone's sensitive toes with this comment, but you know how Obama's followers always like to claim he is the Savior and even like to compare him with Jesus? Well, it occurred to me that this may all be based on the fact that Jesus ALSO had some ambiguities on his OWN birth certificate (such as an unclear domicile address for when he was born and also the question about what to put in the Baby's Father space on the form?).  That seems to explain everything!

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