Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Prof. Zimmerman's Basketball Problem

1.    Moshe Zimmerman is a radical anti-Israel leftist professor of German history at the Hebrew University.  He has a long track record of denouncing Israel and all Israelis who are not of the radical anti-Zionist Left.  He loves to denounce all who do not agree with his radical leftism as Nazis. He was quoted in the Jerusalem Post as saying:  "There is an entire sector of the Jewish public which I unhesitatingly define as a copy of the German Nazis." ( )  He led the campaign to denounce the Im Tirtzu student organization as "fascists" because they are Zionists.  He mocked them when they lost a defamation suit they had filed against a leftist blogger, forgetting to mention that Zimmerman himself had lost a famous harassment SLAPP suit he had filed against the Yediot Ahronot daily (  Yediot's sin?  It had reported truthfully that Zimmerman had denounced Israeli soldiers and settlers as being Nazis.  Zimmerman has also lost other SLAPP suits he filed ( ).  Elsewhere Zimmerman has compared the Torah with Hitler's Mein Kampf ( ).  He demands Israel accept countless millions of African infiltrators as residents, while denouncing people who try to learn from history by making historic comparisons ( )   He thinks the real tragedy of German Jews is that anti-Semites force them to be Jews rather than nice assimilated Germans ( ).


    Well, Herr Zimmerman is back in the news this week.  He is all upset.  What is he upset over?  It seems that the Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball team won the European tournament and Zimmerman took this as a personal affront to his anti-Zionism. 


     It is not that he finds sports uninteresting.  I myself am one of the few Israelis who failed to get worked up over the victory, mainly because I have no interest in sports and so do not really care which basketball team gets the most home runs or touchdowns or whatever it is they get in basketball.  I think it is nice that Israel won something and even nicer that it makes so many other Israelis happy.  My only real contact in my life with anything related to basketball was when the mother of my friend flunked Wilt Chamberlain in high school English (Wilt and I both being from Philadelphia, where I passed English). 


   And happy they were.  Crowds filled the streets in celebration and the newspapers and electronic media spoke about little else for a couple of days.  But what upset Herr Zimmerman is that the outpouring of celebration interfered with the plans of the Radical Ultra-Left to convince Israelis they are a pack of racist Untermenschen who need to mourn their very existence.


    Zimmerman denounced the celebrations (story in Hebrew here:,7340,L-4521291,00.html) as an "obscene orgy over the failure of Jewish muscularity."  Huh?


   Zimmerman claims to have some knowledge of sports (unlike me) and insists that the victory of the Tel Aviv team actually proves that Zionism is a failure.  He proclaimed, "The vision was for Zionism to create Jews who would excel in sports.  But the fact that the basketball team recruits mercenaries from America to do the work is fraud and pretense.  It is the very opposite of the Zionist vision."


     Zimmerman I guess is referring to the fact that the basketball team recruits professional athletes from outside of the country.  They are his mercenaries.  Of course far leftists from the ISM and other anti-Israel groups who come to Israel to demonstrate against Israel are Zimmerman's mercenaries. 


    The other thing is that it is amusing is seeing Zimmerman pout about the "Zionist vision" and the failure of sports fans to live up to it.  Zimmerman is a dogmatic anti-Zionist.



2.  While we are on the subject of Israeli academic atrocities, let me say that the Technion is not ordinarily on our radar screen for such.  However, even at the Technion there is a small minority of anti-Israel moonbats.   One or more of these supervised a design project by an Arab woman student of architecture that depicts Orthodox Jews as apes.  The story in Hebrew is here but you do not need to understand Hebrew.  The art work at the top of the page speaks for itself and shows what the student submitted.  Draw your own conclusions.

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