Tuesday, June 24, 2014


1.  The anti-Semitic Left is trying to argue that Israel should stop complaining about the kidnappings of the three children because, after all, look at all the poor Palestinians killed by Israel in its anti-terror operations. The "Palestinians" are promoting conspiracy theories that claim that Israel itself kidnapped the children so as to have an excuse to crack down on them. All of this brings to mind the Malmedy massacre, in which 84 American troops were captured during the Battle of the Bulge and massacred by German troops. Try to imagine how the US would have dealt back then with people who claimed that the US should stop complaining about the killings at Malmedy since, after all, think about how many German civilians, some of them innocent, were being massacred in Allied air bombings of German population centers. Finally, imagine how the US would have dealt with conspiracists saying that the US massacred its own troops at Malmedy. If you can imagine what the US would have done with such people in such circumstances, now you know what it is that Israel should be doing.
2.  If it turns out that the kidnapped children were in fact snatched by terrorists released by the Israeli government in the "Shalit deal" or one of the other wholesale releases of murderers, will those responsible resign from politics permanently, wear a hair shirt and confine themselves to eating bread and water in a cave near the Dead Sea forever?
3.  The dominant theory of environmentalism in the 21st century: When people become so wealthy that they are lacking nothing significant materially in the lives, when they take their material comfort for given, when they live in countries that are not at war and face no cataclysmic problems, when their major challenge in life is figuring out how to spend their leisure time, then they often start worrying about climate change.
4.  This is an English translation of a facebook message in Hebrew that is going viral in Israel:
Oh Lord, my favorite singer was Arik Einstein and you took him away. Lord, my favorite comedian was Sefi Rivlin and you took him away also. My favorite producer was Assi Dayan and you took him away. My favorite actress was Hana Merom and you took her away. Lord, I just wanted to let you know that my favorite Knesset Member is Hanin Zoabi.....

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